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This automated app monitor operates quietly in the background, killing rogue background apps that are sucking your battery life. Simply ignore important or useful apps, and then tap subdue.Battery Guru takes care of the rest.

  • Battery draining apps alert
  • Kill rogue apps that drain your battery
  • Stop apps that you never use
  • Ignore important or useful apps
  • Clean, easy to use user interface
  • Battery Guru kills apps even when screen is off
  • Battery Guru remembers all your choices, monitors them, and continues to operate quietly in the background
  • Battery Guru allows you to open and use subdued apps and then continues to subdue them after closing them
  • Power toggles (Data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) in one place
  • Automatic Wi-Fi toggling
  • Battery level indicator
  • General battery health monitoring (Temperature, Voltage)
  • Battery Guru tells you when your battery is overheating

Battery Guru Premium v3.0.0 Apk

Battery Gur Premium v3.0.0 Simply ignore important or useful apps, and then tap subdue.Battery Guru takes care of the rest.

WHAT’S NEW in Battery Guru Premium v3.0.0 Apk

– The anniversary edition of Battery Guru is here!
– We now have a website!
– Premium upgrade available for more features
– Auto Wi-Fi toggling
– Stop apps, and save even more battery (4.3+)
– Many bug fixes and improvements

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