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Name: Easypaisa
Developer: Telenor Bank
APK Size: 13.74MB
APK SHA1 Checksum: 739c2d0fd465af0387e56cc2c64821b6a4df6967
Added: 2017-08-05
Updated: Aug 05
Category: Finance

Min OS: Android 4.2.x and upEasypaisa\s apk file has been downloaded 0 times so far and 9158 votes are casted.


Banking made easy for everyone! Your financial transactions now on your fingertips

Easypaisa had already eliminated the need to visit bank branches and stand in long queues to make financial transactions. Now with the Easypaisa App, you can enjoy that convenience in clicks.

Through the Easypaisa app you can:
• Open an Easypaisa account – whether you are a Telenor customer or on any other network
• Transfer funds to others’ Easypaisa accounts, CNICs or other Banks
• Make utility bill payments for almost all utility companies
• Get Easy-load for any phone number on any network
• Check your balance and transaction history

Use the App from the convenience of your own home or on the go.

Stay tuned, We have a lot more planned for your ease!

Our website: https://easypaisa.com.pk/easypaisa-app
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Easypaisa/

In case you have any questions or would like to report a bug please call 3737 or email easypaisa.support@telenor.com.pk


Store Locator update and bug fixes

Find data about Easypaisa at official Google Play page here

Easypaisa v3.5.0.20 APK

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