App: Photo Editor PIP Mirror Image
Dev: Aurona
Version: 1.4
APK Size: 14.51MB
APK SHA1: f333f0d53531c387efe70daf4a82ffa4a93e1199
Published: 2017-08-04
Updated on: Aug 04
Category: Photography
Supports: Android 2.3 and up

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Snap Photo Mirror Image editor:photo mirror by lidow

Tired of same and weary photo mirror apps?Mirror Photo Reflect Editor give you a unique experience,more cool and more fun . Stretch mirror,Gradient filter,lead you to a different and magic mirror world.

Mirror Photo Reflect Editor is the best mirror effect photo editor you ever seen . Mirror style、blur background、ratio,in addition to these normal function,you can do more exciting photo mirror effect:Stretch mirror、gradient filters,etc.

Mirror Photo Reflect Editor will provide the best 2D/3D mirror style for you. You can choose it for your photo. And be a popular mirror editor,

With Mirror Photo Reflect Editor you can make the mirror effect for your photos. There are many PIP mirror style mirror effect for you .

You can make the perfect and different mirror photo and share Mirror Photo Reflect Editor with your friends. you will get more likes and follows.

~ 2D / 3D mirror for you .

~ PIP / blur /colorful mirror effect for you .

~Amazing “Stretch Mirror”:It is a wonderful function ,You never see it in any other app.Bulge、Concave、Tilt、3D,you will get many surprised stretch mirror effect,that different from your friends’ normal photo mirror effect.

~ The best gradient filters . You can add magic effect for your mirror photo . You can change the hue just use your finger.

~16 mirror templates for your photo,these are the most popular effects.

~ Adjust the ratio with your finger,so easy to use.

~Blur background will make photo so beautiful.

~Share your photo to Instagram/ Facebook / Twitter and so on .

Mirror Photo Reflect Editor :The most unusual photo mirror effect editor,that will make your photo to stand out from instagram、Facebook 、twitter and etc. Let’s enjoy it now!

Apk file information:

App name: Photo Editor PIP Mirror Image

APK Version: 1.4

File size: 14.51MB

Photo Editor PIP Mirror Image v1.4 APK


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