Many games available on the Android app stores are downloaded and played in stages or levels and you progress your way up by clearing these. Some games may ask you to get help from a friend online when you are playing it offline and you get stuck for some time. In other games you have to earn lives and when you lose a stage/level in the game you lose a life. Getting another life either takes time or you have to deviate from your ongoing game and meet another target in order to earn a life. All these make playing games on your Android devices a little tedious and dreary.

Do you want to get rid of these and continue enjoying your favorite games with a never ending tempo? Install SBMan Game Hacker and get a never ending supply of game scores, coins and lives.

SBMan Game Hacker lets you hack games not in the thieving way but in a more ethical manner. It helps you adjust the games on your Android device to make them perform the way you like.  Basically it allows you to modify games on your Android phone or tablet. By modification we mean that as you need to unlock additional stages in a game either by scoring more or by collecting and spending coins. Now these scores and coins can be earned with in playing the game but SBMan Game Hacker allows you to do the coolest thing by adjusting the value directly. As in, you can change the value of the score or coins or lives according to your desires and thus unlock different stages in the game.

SBMan Game Hacker works with all of the games on the app store and you can use it to modify any game of your liking. There is just once small hitch though; Google Play has removed this particular app from its app list recently. But there is no need to worry, we have arranged for you to download the APK file right here on this store. Just follow the link below and download SBMan Game Hacker on your Android device. Happy hacking and happy playing!

P.S: Please note that SBMan Game Hacker doesn’t work with apps and games that sync the scores and lives with online servers. Clash of Clans is an example which cannot be modified by this app. To be clear, SBMan Game Hacker only works with games where scores, coins and lives are stored locally on your device’s memory.

Apk file Information:

App name: SBMan Game Hacker

APK Version: 3.1

File size: 0.95MB

SBMan Game Hacker v3.1 APK


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