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Next Launcher Theme Neon Blue v2.40 Apk

Next Launcher Theme Neon Blue Apk – is designed to give your home screen a new beautiful look. You will get a unique and magnificent style for your smartphone and tablet with this exclusive design.

This theme is currently seen only in 2D, 3D will be made as soon as possible.

Key Features:-

  • More than 100+ HD icons
  • 2+ HD Wallpapers
  • 20+ special icons covers the main apps of phone such as dial, SMS, Play Store and so on. The other special icons must be set manually

Setting 3D Custom Icons

  • Long press icon on Home screen- Than will pop up some little symbol icons- Than on the symbol it looks like a paper document. On my screen it is second last and wait for 2 secs and you will see 3D icons.

Make sure that Next Launcher 3D has been installed

Apply the theme as Menu- Personality- Theme- Installed- Choose Next Launcher Theme Neon Blue

Requires Android 1.6 and up

Next Launcher Theme Neon Blue v2.40 Apk

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