Receive floating notifications from selected applications and keep track of everything that is important to you, all without needing to access your phone’s status bar and directly from the lock screen. Experience a very clean & simple floating window design with a unique colored header display.

Upon receiving a new notification C Notice displays a visual reminder of the individual application in the form of a floating icon. All notification icons float on top of any other application and can therefore be accessed and interacted with at any time you want, until dismissed. Make additional use of swipe gestures on icons to trigger quick actions and interact with notifications of all kind with ease.

  • Unread Text Messages.
  • Missed Calls.
  • Upcoming Calendar Events & Reminders.
  • Unread Emails (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook,...).
  • Aplikace Notifications (Facebook, Cvrlikání, Google+.
  • Custom Application List.
  • Notification Popup Style.
  • Auto Screen Turn On (with Pocket Detection).
  • Auto Icon Position.
  • Direct Open Aplikace.
  • Rounded Icon Styl.
  • Unread Count Badge Position.
  • Floating Window Opacity Settings.
  • Individual Icons Popup Style.


Change Logs:
fixed: permission issues (request permission window will popup if a permission is needed)
Thanks to users feedback
fixed: fc on nexus 6p
added: German Translation, credit to noc.jfcbs, XDA
added: Russian Translation, credit to gaich, XDA
added: Portuguese (Brazil)Překlad, credit to brenosnt, XDA
added: Hungarian Translation, credit to Lada333, XDA

C Notice v1.5.10 Apk


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