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Dolphin Emulator (Alpha) APK v0.14

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Dolphin Emulator is the first emulator which was released to emulate commercial games on PCs, mobile devices and MACs. It was developed and released for the first time by Henrik Rydgård(ector) and F|RES in 2003 and at its first release, Dolphin Emulator was a disastrous failure. In its first release, the emulator was aimed to run Nintendo based games but later, its support scope was expanded.

v 2004, the developers decided to discontinue this app by releasing the version 1.01 as its final version. Later in 2005 and in 2007, the developers decided to start working on the project once again and the version 1.03 was released in 2007 with minor improvements. As of now, Dolphin Emulator is the only emulator available to run Wii games. The platforms supported by this emulator are Windows, Linux, OS X and robot.

On July 13, 2008, developers of the emulator decided to release their code publicly and thus Dolphin Emulator became opensource. Its code was made public on Google Code. Until now, the Wii games were having only a minor support by the emulator as well as there was a basic support for the sound also.

Once made opensource, until 2009, the emulator was improved considerably. Podle 2009, it was capable of running Wii games with minor issues and bugs. The performance was also improved considerably and thus now the emulator was being used by a larger number of users around the globe for emulating Nintendo, GameCube, Triforce and Wii games. It was April 2010 when the version 2.0 of the emulator was released.

Until now, although the emulator’s performance was improved considerably but the issues related to sound were still there. Developers kept working hard and they fixed most issues related to sound until November 2010. Emulation speed was also increased considerably until this date. And then in June 2011, Dolphin Emulator was reached to its final stages of development with its release of version 3.0.

When version 3.0 was released, it was a great success. V této verzi, most bugs and crashes were fixed and the games (both Wii and Nintendo) were being emulated at great speeds with great accuracy along with this almost perfect sound. The developers behind the app worked to tweak the UI also so now the emulator was more user-friendly for new users also. Options panel and dialog boxes were customized to make them more user-friendly.

Until now, Dolphin Emulator wasn’t available on Android OS. It was April 2013, when the first builds of the emulator for Android OS were released. On Android platform, the performance of the emulator wasn’t that much good and it succeeded in emulating the games at a speed of only 1 Frame Per Second. navíc, only a few brands were being supported by the emulator.

Although the emulator kept working on Android devices, but it never delivered superb emulating speeds nor it expanded its hardware support. Until now, it is supporting only those devices which are built using powerful hardware like Nvidia Tegra and similar. So to emulate Nintendo and Wii games on your Android powered tablet or the phone, you must ensure first that your device is running on a powerful processor else you may face multiple issues while emulating games.

To try emulating games and to see either Dolphin Emulator is working on your device or not, simply download its APK file. Install the app on your device and see if it succeeds in emulating your favorite Nintendo or Wii game or not.

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název aplikace: Dolphin Emulator (Alpha)

APK verze: 0.14

Velikost souboru: 10.48MB

Dolphin Emulator (Alpha) APK v0.14

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