Is your phone to bright in the evening? With Red Moon you can dim your phone to a comfortable level! Red Moon has numerous useful features that help you get the sleep you need.

  • Red Moon can automatically turn on when it gets dark. You can also set custom times when Red Moon should turn on or off.
  • You can save various settings profile, for example a relaxing red profile for reading and a color neutral profile for watching movies.
  • Thanks to Red Moon’s three easy to use sliders, you have full control over your screen. You can even choose exactly what color you want the filter to be.
  • Red Moon’s widget makes it easy to quickly darken your screen.
  • You can control the Red Moon quickly through the notification.
  • Red Moon uses almost no battery and automatically turns off when it isn’t needed.
  • Red Moon can integrate with your phones internal brightness settings for a seamless experience.
  • Red Moon has an intuitive user interface, compliant with the Material Design guidelines.
  • Red Moon will never annoy you with ads.
  • Red Moon needs the ‘Draw over other apps’ permission to filter the blue light from you phone screen.
  • Red Moon needs the ‘ify system settings’ permission to be able to automatically lower the brightness when the filter is on.
  • Red Moon needs access to your ‘Approximate location’ to be able to determine at what time the sun sets, so it can turn on at night.
  • Red Moon needs the ‘Run at startup’ permission so the filter can persist when your device is rebooted.


* Add a new preference to choose how the hardware buttons should be dimmed
* Fix bug where the filter wouldn’t automatically turn on/off (#126)
* Updated icons
* The service is now cleaned up when it isn’t needed
* Let the notifications show it when Red Moon is paused in a secure app
* Improve logging
* Target new robot API
* Updated translations

Red Moon Screen Filter v2.10.1 Apk

Doporučujeme nákup / koupit tuto aplikaci z play-store nebo oficiální internetové stránky, aby si aplikaci bez přerušení. Tento soubor Apk je určen pouze pro Trial / domácí použití.


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