SelfiShop Camera v2.55.1 Unlocked Apk

SelfiShop Camera v2.55.1 Unlocked Apk is an amazing application for robot uživatelé. Pro advanced uživatelé, there is a window for the research commands received from the mono-pod. Of course the program can be used as a camera without a mono-pod. Photo shot can be done by tapping the screen or on the volume button.

What’s new in v2.55.1 Unlocked Apk

  • Video capture with selfie stick support New
  • long click on the logo button New
  • Some new mono-pod commands New
  • Support hardware photo-capture button
  • Optimized speed and performance
  • Optimized for Sony, HTC, Samsung phones
  • Animation for common actions Fixed
  • Incorrect aspect ration on some phones Fixed
  • Stability for old phones;

SelfiShop Camera v2.55.1 Unlocked Apk


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