Snapchat program to enjoy a rapid and fun of mobile phone calls is that the former was released for IOS operating system is now available for robot-os is your This application is attractive to hook a photo or video, add a title, and put it to a friend. They see it, Snap laugh and then it disappears in the screen (and gets rid of the phone) – unless they take screenshots of your screen! together this program, users can take photos or record video and then painting them or add text. Then you can send them to a list of recipients specified. The images and video calledSnapscalled. Users can specify a time range that is just in the process, recipients can view images. After the end of that period, the recipient is hidden in view pictures and chat Snap servers will be removed.

Snapchat APK for Android – Features:

The application is so amazing that it has been downloaded on more than 100 million devices and it declined an offer from Facebook to acquire Snapchat for Android so let’s check out some of its features.

  • Share Photos-Videos with Friends: You can share the snaps from your phone or take a video and then upload it to your account and you can even add a caption to it. You can then easily share the photos/videos with your friends as well.
  • Create Stories: With the application, you can add multiple snaps and create complete stories to tell your friends what you did in your entire day.
  • Auto Delete Feature: The application has a unique feature where all the snaps that you upload to your account will automatically be deleted permanently within 24 hodiny. So no one can view it with others unless they take a screenshot of the snap.
  • Chat with Friends: You can even see whether your friends are online or not from within the application and you can start a chat with them if they are online. There is also an option to video chat with your friends.

What’s New in the Update?

  • The all new Discover feature allows you to find new snaps and stories based on what your interests are. You can access this feature by using the swipe gesture

snapchat for android wap.

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