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Light Manager Pro 11.4.1 apk essayer de donner la dernière version de "Light Manager Pro 11.4.1 apk" pour votre téléphone Android. Cette application appartient à la catégorie applications Android. Ce fichier APK dernière mise à jour le Juin 19, 2019 à 10:39 après-midi. Choisissez et télécharger à partir du lien de téléchargement ci-dessous pour commencer directement obtenir le fichier apk pour "Light Manager Pro 11.4.1 apk", Et puis déplacez le fichier sur votre téléphone Android carte de SD et d'utiliser un gestionnaire de fichiers que vous préférez parcourir et installer. vous aurez besoin Android 4.0.3 la version ou plus pour installer cette application.

Light Manager Pro 11.4.1 apk

Remarque: This is exactly same as free version of Light Manager but with no advertisement. Please try the free version first to see if your device is compatible before purchasing. Note that there is no internet permission in paid version, so your private data is safe.

Configure LED color and its flashing frequency for notification as shown below:
– Miss call
- Gmail
– Calendar reminder
– Hangouts
– *Email
– *Facebook
– *Facebook Messenger
– *Twitter
– *WhatsApp
– *BBM
– *GO SMS Pro
– *Handcent SMS
– *chomp SMS
– *Textra SMS
– *Verizon Messages
– *Any 3rd party apps
– Low battery
– Battery charging
– Battery charged
– No signal
– No 3G/4G
– No Wifi
– Airplane e On
– Silent e On
– Vibration e On
– Ringer e On
– Mobile On
– Wifi On
– Wifi Hotspot On
– Bluetooth On
Sur Android 4.1 et 4.2, ROOT is required for those mark with asterisk *. After grant the ROOT permission, you need to restart Light Manager for changes to take effect. However ROOT is not required anymore from Android 4.3 À partir de. You need to enable the Notification Access for Light Manager at Setting > Sécurité > Notification Access > Light Manager.

There are two operating es:
1) Normal e – Only LED color for the first notification will be flashing
2) Alternating e – A few LED colors will be flashing alternately when multiple notifications are received

You may go to the test section to test whether this app works for your device.

For Samsung Galaxy SIII (JB):
– Device’s screen needs to be turned off in order for the notification LED to work
– You need to go to Setting > Afficher > LED indicator and enable “Notifications” in order for this application to work

– Fix Gmail LED keeps blinking after read on Android 6.0 et ci-dessus
– Only limit interval of change of 5s on s8 and S8+
– Fix mixed color issue on Huawei devices
– Added GPS On LED for Android 5.1 et ci-dessus
– Fix missed call counter not accurate in screen e
– Fixed ambient display keeps turning on on Wileyfox Swift
– Fix Gmail LED not working in normal e on certain device
– Fix notification icon not shown on screen e for certain devices
– Added missing translation

Informations sur l'application:
Nom de l'application : Light Manager Pro
Nom du paquet : com.koo.lightmanagerpro
Développeur: MC Koo
Rev .md5 : c4c5bd24221d89f12546b13232003af1
Taille apk : 2.36 MB
Mise à jour sur le Play Store: juin 6, 2017
Nom version & Code: 11.4.1(1401141)

Exigences: 2.1 et jusqu'à

Nous vous recommandons d'acheter / acheter cette application du jeu magasin ou site web officiel pour profiter App sans interruption. Ce fichier APK pour
Essai / utilisation Accueil uniquement.

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