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makanan: lintasan, bersepeda & Kolam Dengan GPS 72.0.0 apk

4AppsApk.com mencoba memberikan Versi terbaru dari "makanan: lintasan, bersepeda & Kolam Dengan GPS 72.0.0 apk" untuk Telepon Android Anda. App ini termasuk dalam kategori Android Apps. file APK ini terakhir diperbaharui pada November 15, 2018 di 9:43 sore. Memilih dan download dari link download di bawah ini langsung untuk memulai mendapatkan file apk untuk "makanan: lintasan, bersepeda & Kolam Dengan GPS 72.0.0 apk", Dan kemudian memindahkan file ke kartu SD ponsel Android Anda dan menggunakan satu file manager lebih suka browsing & menginstalnya. Anda akan membutuhkan Android 4.0.3 versi atau lebih tinggi untuk menginstal aplikasi ini.

makanan: lintasan, bersepeda & Kolam Dengan GPS 72.0.0 apk

Track your run, memetakan rute bersepeda dan menganalisis pelatihan Anda dengan semua statistik - gratis! Merekam kebugaran Anda dengan aktivitas tracker Strava.

Training for a triathlon or simply love taking your bike out for a ride? Turn your smartphone into a sophisticated cycle or running tracker with Strava. Join millions of active people and reach your fitness goals!

• GPS distance tracker and mile counter: See your key stats at a glance
• Run, ride or swim: Map and track your favorite activity
• Challenge yourself or compete with others
• Triathlon and marathon training: Go Premium and set your goals for 2018
• Run, cycle or swim Clubs: Join brands, teams and friends

• Running, cycling and swimming: Compare your performance over time
• Track distance, kecepatan, kecepatan, elevation gained and calories burned
• Mile counter: Use your Android device or pretty much every GPS device out there

• Running and cycling: Access the world’s largest road and trail network
• Route ideas: Discover new routes for your run or bike ride
• Upload routes to your phone or GPS device for easy navigation

• Activity tracker: Track your progress and analyze your performance
• Challenge yourself and push yourself even further
• Leaderboard: See how you fare on popular stretches of road or trail

CONNECT & SHARE• Record an activity on your Strava feed, where friends and followers can give kudos, comments and share their own performances
• Show off your cycle route or group and share photos of your bike adventures
• Join Clubs of brands, teams and friends for activities and growing communities

• Set your fitness goals and get customizable training plans. Set your own distance, time or segment goals
• Get live features to help you train safer and perform better
• Dive deep into your data with advanced analysis and extensive performance metrics

• Marathon training hit a plateau? Boost your performance with distance tracker Strava and access tailored plans with Premium
• Turn your running tracker into a personal coach for triathlon or marathon training

It doesn’t stop at running and cycling, you can use Strava for a whole range of sports:
• Swim
• Alpine Ski
• Hike
• Crossfit
• Kayak
• Rock Climb
• Surf
• Yoga
• Indoor running
• Indoor cycling
• Gym workouts
…and many more!

Strava depends on GPS for recording activities. Dalam beberapa perangkat, the GPS does not work properly and Strava will not record effectively. If your Strava recordings show poor location estimation behavior, please try to update the operating system to the most recent version. There are some devices which have consistently poor performance with no known remedies. On these devices we restrict installation of Strava, for example the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 and the Galaxy Express 2.

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Info aplikasi:
Nama aplikasi : makanan: lintasan, bersepeda & Kolam Dengan GPS
Nama paket : com.strava
pembangun: Strava Inc.
rev md5 : ba917e30ef0fdd39649c3feac4dc0a7a
Ukuran apk :41.4MB
Update pada Play Store :November 9, 2018
Nama versi & Kode:72.0.0(630600)

Persyaratan: 4.4+

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