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com.zeroteam.zerolauncher-featuredZERO Launcher / 説明

ZERO Launcher, 一番小さい, 最速, perfect launcher!
Enjoy every tap and personalize your phone! Are you bored with plain アンドロイド ランチャー? We offer the personalized one with free themes etc.
Small 3D engine with unparalleled 3D effects.
Fast speed with 0.6 seconds to launch 100% memory optimized
Rich free themes and wallpapers
HD wallpapers and icons,customize mobile phone screen fast
So good for android,especially for android 4.0 以上
Free themes auto-correction and a user-friendly interface.
? Boost cellphone – Phone boost,スピードアップ ゲーム, メモリをクリーンアップ (RAM) and boost device automatically.
? Search apps – Fast locate apps in fewest touches.
? 無料テーマ&Wallpapers – launcher themes,launcher wallpapers, launcher theme store decorate mobile phone
? Small phone Locker – Quickly lock phone in a single touch. Save power buttons.
? Android phone SMS – Manage messagers easily and devote tobe best messaging apps
? Features and functionalities – Screen effects, redesigned icons, Free themes, managet mobile phone.
? Message notifications – Unread notifications on phone screen to remind you the messagers .
?Customize android phone – Change phone fonts and effects fast in your launcher,support game folders,theme store and different launcher style, like Samsung,モトローラ,Sony and so on.

So small, fast and smooth: Smaller and faster than most launchers while occupying small RAM;

ZERO Launcher FAQ
1. How to search mobile phone apps?
A. Swipe down on your phone screen
2. How to get more free themes,壁紙, widgets and other resource from ZERO Launcher?
A. Go into theme Store or search in Google Play.
3. How to manage your apps on screen?
Launcher Menu-> Screen manage

ZERO Launcher devote to be the fastest and smallest! ZERO Launcher delivers highly customized Android Launcher contains cool functions, fun decorations and premium themes.

フェイスブック : HTTPS://www.facebook.com/zerolauncher
Eメール: zEroトンeaメートルfB@gメートルaiリットル.Com
Facebook messager :zeroteamfb@gmail.com
Google+の: zeROlaAcheRMedia@gmAil.コm

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免責条項: ZERO Launcher is the property and trademark from Zero Team, 全著作権所有.


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