Adv Permission Manager (찬성) 3.3.20 APK

Adv Permission Manager (찬성) 3.3.20 APK

Do you concern the permission of some apps? Advanced Permission Manager is a permission management tool designed to resolve your such concern.

This tool is able to browse permissions of installed apps and generate various permissions reports (such as which apps have permissions of automatically startup, sending SMS, 기타). Most importantly, it allows us to remove permissions of apps and apk files WITHOUT ROOT access.

Keep your mobile secure and private from malicious apps, freely remove the permission you do not trust, then try Advanced Permission Manager!
Compared to free version, the Pro version provides following features:
(1) No advertise, no extra permission
(2) Provides functions of removing any sections/components in manifest.
(3) Revised apps is managed by pro version.
(4) No limitation


minor enhancement
marshmallow crash fix
German translation update

App 정보:
앱 이름 : Adv Permission Manager (찬성)
패키지 이름 :
레브 .md5 : f93e2cb3133b599eac2c2ac28799669a
APK 크기 : 0.7 MB
Play 스토어에 업데이트 : 2.3 최대
버전 이름 & 암호: 3.3.20(52)

요구 사항: 2.3 최대

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  • APK 다운로드 링크 2
  • PLAYSTORE에서 추가 정보

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