AirServer Connect v1.1 Apk

AirServer Connect v1.1 Apk is an amazing application for 기계적 인조 인간. As a teacher you can freely move around with your device in hand, making it easier to engage students, allowing them to share ideas and collaborate with the rest of the class.

As a gamer you can play your favorite 계략 on a big screen, alone or with friends, side by side and record your triumphs.

AirServer allows you to mirror games, apps and share photos with friends and family on a big screen.

주요 특징들:

  • Project to multiple AirPlay receivers, in sync, at the same time
  • Outstanding picture quality
  • Better performance when compared to Miracast and Chromecast
  • Built in QR Code scanner to enable connectivity with AirServer on a restricted network

AirServer Connect v1.1 Apk

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