Aura Astrology Pro v2.70 Apk

Aura Astrology Pro v2.70 Apk is an amazing application for 기계적 인조 인간 사용자. Astrological base coordinates 138 000 settlements of the world with a population of 1,000 people, and even less.


  • Natal chart
  • Astrological interpretation
  • Aspects of planets and house cusps
  • Scaling maps
  • Scaling font sizes
  • Transit map
  • Dynamics of Time
  • Dynamics of transit
  • The dynamics of progression
  • Calculation solarium
  • Calculation of Lunar
  • Allocation of long-term aspects
  • Isolation and / or disable the divergent aspects
  • Database with the ability to import and export
  • Astrological aspects table
  • Astrological table rulers
  • Astrological table speed of the planets
  • Table of the elements, crosses hemispheres
  • Table of houses and signs
  • Additional astrological tables
  • Displays the phase of the moon and the astrological planets
  • Displays the degrees of the planet

Aura Astrology Pro v2.70 Apk

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