Awesome Pop-up Video Premium 1.1.9 APK

Awesome Pop-up Video is a video player unlike others. It plays the video in pop-up window, floating above other applications, just like on your computer.

Multi-task! Why stop watching your TV show if someone sends you message, or get new email?
Open videos in pop-up from your device or open videos from the Internet without downloading.
Why Awesome Pop-up Video is special?
If you have installed Xposed Framework, the application will have extra powers.

• Introducing “First row” tab. One stop hub to get the trending videos around you. Saves you a click 🙂
• Chromecastsupport, currently available for external videos. Happy chromecasting.
• THEMES, customize the player colors to match your phone theme. It’s 기계적 인조 인간, 권리?
• Hide videos, except 유튜브™ 비디오 :\
• Snap to edges. When the player is near screen edge, it snaps right to it. No more trying to align the player with the edges.
But this is not just pop-up player. You can also enjoy your videos in full-screen, no distractions.
Must have for tablets, so much white space on the websites, why not to use it?

• Performance improvements

앱 정보:
앱 이름 : Awesome Pop-up Video
패키지 이름 : com.datanasov.popupvideo
레브 .md5 : a6f00384609e8f1e2c3cc474059aca2e
APK 크기 :30.37 MB
Play 스토어에 업데이트 : 이월 2, 2018
버전 이름 & 암호: 1.1.9 (1010945)

요구 사항:4.0.3 최대

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