Flash Alerts 2 찬성 2.3.0 APK

LED Flash notify!
The feature was not available for 기계적 인조 인간 users in the meantime.
Please install the Flash Alerts now that the iPhone’s LED flash notification feature can be used even in Android phones.

(Caution! Please make sure that Flash Alert Free version works on your device before purchase Flash Alert Pro.)

[main functions]

– When you receive a call, new text message, the flash will blink.

– You can regulate blinking frequency.

– You can set up blinking with ON/OFF in detail.

– A StatusBar notification is arrived, the flash will blink.(찬성)

– You can turn ON/OFF the feature over the device’s status. (Ring, Vibrate, Silent, In an interactive state) (찬성)

– You can schedule DND when to start, when to end. (찬성)

* Please check below items if Status Bar Change doesn’t trigger flash.

1. Is Accessibility Feature enabled?
2. Is Status Bar Change on?
3.Choose apps you want to alert from Status Bar Change.

– Bug fixes

앱 정보:
앱 이름 : Flash Alerts 2
패키지 이름 : net.megawave.flashalerts
개발자: MegaWave Software
레브 .md5 : 034b346a2aff11b27cffd1f7455fde74
APK 크기 : 2.84 MB
Play 스토어에 업데이트 :십일월 7, 2018
버전 이름 & 암호:2.3.0 (29)

요구 사항: 2.1 최대

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