Flat Style Bar Indicators Pro 5.1.0 APK

last updated on: 이월 22, 2018
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Flat Style Bar Indicators Pro 5.1.0 APK

• Requires Xposed Framework
• Works ONLY with Android 4.3.x – 5.1.x
• Supports only SAMSUNG, HTC, LG, ASUS, SONY, MOTOROLA, HUAWEI and maybe several some other known brands, any other noname devices I’m not supporting because they all have different system changes, so I haven’t time to support all devices

If something doesn’t work for you, I need 2 things from your phone:
• Enable “Logging” in my module >> 재부팅 >> wait several minutes >> give me your logs
• Give me framework-res.apk & SystemUI.apk files

• Change data indicator 4 free themes
• Change Wi-Fi indicator 4 free themes
• Change battery indicator 3 free themes
• Change carrier label style
• Change clock style
• Change position of data, Wi-FI, 배터리, clock, carrier label, 경보, bluetooth, sound & location indicators left, center, 권리
• Change color of data, Wi-FI, 배터리, clock & carrier label indicators
• Data type mapping (for example: DC -> E, LTE -> 4지)
• Change battery tinting color separately per each level (for example: 0 - 5% -> RED, 0 - 100% during charging -> GREEN)

• Change data indicator > 20 테마
• Change Wi-Fi indicator > 20 테마
• Change battery indicator > 20 테마
• Change bluetooth indicator 3 테마
• Change alarm indicator 7 테마
• Change sound indicator 8 테마
• Change location indicator 6 테마
• Change limit of visible notifications count
• Show Network Speed indicator
• Change position of network speed indicator left, center, 권리
• Change color of network speed indicator
• Battery charging animation

별일 없어요
ver. 5.1.0
– fixed issue with data connection type
– added customization for ‘portrait’ icon
– added notifications counter and other customizations
– fixed resetting settings after reboot on android 7.x+ (just open app after installing new version & reboot your phone)
– fixed some other minor issues
Notice: most of the fixes related to android 8.x

앱 세부 정보:
앱 이름 : Flat Style Bar Indicators
패키지 이름 : com.bocharov.xposed.fsbi
APK MD5 : b5bd792eee0b24b2e13653b76049af8a
개발자: Igor A. Bocharov
APK 크기 :1.34 MB
Play 스토어에 업데이트 :이월 20, 2018
버전 이름 & 암호: v5.1.0 (510)

요구 사항: 4.3 최대

APK를 다운로드 – 1.5MB



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