Folio for Facebook Pro v3.0.7 Apk

Folio for 페이스 북 Pro v3.0.7 Apk No need to fumble with RSS feeds. With Folio Pro’s advanced notifications system, once you’ve logged into Folio Pro you’re ready to get notifications out of the box. Never miss a notification from your favorite social network again.

You set your frequency. You set which notifications you’d like to receive. You sit back and relax and let Folio Pro do the rest.Turn on notifications and set your sync frequency to start getting notifications.

Folio Pro comes built with add-ons for Twitter, Google+에, Instagram & Tumblr. Get to your favorites fast by enabling them in Folio Pros settings menu.

Folio Pro uses the official Facebook SDK to personalize your experience by getting your profile photo, cover photo, and name placed beautifully in the navigation drawer.

Folio for Facebook Pro v3.0.7 Apk

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