Hotspot Shield ELITE VPN 5.8.4 APK

Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy, 와이파이
The world’s most trusted free VPN with over 300 million downloads. Try it now!

Access media, video and messaging apps from around the world | Unblock 사회적인 네트워크 | Keep your mobile activities safe & private | Enjoy unlimited VPN bandwidth

Hotspot Shield VPN for 기계적 인조 인간 offers Wi-Fi security, Internet & online privacy, as well as access to blocked content & apps such as Facebook, 넷플릭스, BBC, Hulu, Skype and YouTube. Activate with 1 simple click, then you’re safe.


* Smart protection: Automatically enable the optimal protection based on the network’s security level, so you do not need to turn it on and off every time
* Selected sites: Selectively protect/unblock the sites & apps of your choice only
* Secure your Wi-Fi connections with banking-level HTTPS encryption; your Wi-Fi network can be vulnerable even if the device is secure
* Prevent hackers from stealing your private information
* Mask your IP address to browse the web privately & anonymously
* Switch countries with ease; dedicated servers in US, UK, and Japan
* Unblock websites or apps such as Facebook, 유튜브, BBC, Netflix and Hulu at work, school, while traveling or even through airplane Wi-Fi spots
* Give unrestricted access to mobile VOIP and messaging services such as Skype and Viber around the world
* Works like a proxy but with richer functionality


Featured by Forbes, CNET, CNN, New York Times and many others.
PC Magazine “By using VPN technology to encrypt all traffic…. Hotspot Shield Wifi & proxy protects all digital communication including browsing, e-mail, text messaging, and communication by apps.”

Lifehacker “If you’re concerned about threats like Firesheep or you know how easy it is to sniff out passwords and cookies, you may want to give the app a try.”
★★★★★ “Control your internet Privacy and Security – I’ve now tried them all (VPNs) as I travel 200k miles each year. This is the only VPN that works consistently, especially in MENA and APAC. This is the only one with REAL support. If you want the Internet privacy, security (& Pandora when you are outside the US), then look no further. JMHO” – Cster
The premium subscriptions are available at competitive prices. Our free version is limited by bandwidth consumption and/or ad-supported. The subscription is required to switch virtual locations.


* App Permissions are asked to enhance Internet security.
* Some devices are not compatible with Hotspot Shield. Please contact your device manufacturer to check if it supports VPN.
* Hotspot Shield is not compatible with Android OS 3.x versions.
* For Android OS 2.x: If you have other installed VPN apps, please disconnect them.
* In Smart and Selected sites modes, the VPN key icon appears on top of your device, but VPN is not always on. Hotspot Shield is running in the background.
* We support 3G/4G mobile connections, wifi / wi-fi and any other Internet access.

ABOUT AnchorFree

Founded in 2005, AnchorFreeis the biggest VPN company in the world with over 200,000,000 downloads in over 190 countries. We own and manage hundreds of dedicated servers to support millions of users every day. AnchorFreewas chosen as one of the most promising companies in the US by Forbes Magazine, as well as the fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine.


Sped up the loading process on app launch
Improved the Help section
UI, bug, and crash fixes

앱 APK 정보:

앱 이름 : Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security
패키지 이름 : hotspotshield.android.vpn
개발자: AnchorFree GmbH
레브 .md5 : 26ad7aa32b5c4bb31fcf3ed36bc3f3dc
APK 크기: 14.44 MB
Play 스토어에 업데이트 :유월 4, 2019
버전 이름 & 암호: 6.9.5 (69500)

Hotspot Shield ELITE VPN Apk Latest version

Download Hotspot Shield ELITE VPN 5.8.4 APK

앱 이름: Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security
패키지 이름 : hotspotshield.android.vpn
개발자: AnchorFree GmbH
레브 .md5 : cb9da4e85157d5f373d8fe0d9839dc03
APK 크기: 12.58
Play 스토어에 업데이트: 십일월 22, 2017
버전 이름 & 암호: 5.8.4 (58400)

요구 사항: 4.4+

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