MathStudio Express v6.0.2 Apk

MathStudio Express v6.0.2 Apk is an amazing application for 기계적 인조 인간. MathStudio Express is the most powerful and versatile calculator app available on Google Play.

주요 특징들:

  • From basic calculations to college calculus, Math-Studio is a full featured scientific calculator with over two hundred functions.
  • MathStudio is powered our powerful and lightning fast CAS that beautifully typesets your answers. Solve limits, derivates, integrals, differential equations and more
  • Graph equations with speed and ease you never thought was possible
  • MathStudio graphs 2D function, parametric, polar, implicit, contour, vector fields, fractals and images with amazing speed and accuracy.
  • Rotate, pinch and graph 3D equations in real-time! MathStudio graphs 3D functions, parametric, spherical, cylindrical and vector fields.
  • Math-Studio is the first app to introduce time graphing. Use the T variable to create animated plots that graph in space and time
  • Plot lists of numerical data in scatter, histograms, box and probability plots
  • Math-Studio even includes an advanced regression analysis package, choose from several regression functions or create your own

Math-Studio Express v6.0.2 Apk

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