PDF의 Utils 변환기 & 에디터 V1.9 APK

PDF의 Utils 변환기 & 에디터 V1.9 APK Have a PDF file you open often, and have to enter password every time? Now you can use this feature to remove password from the file.

주요 특징들:

  • Now you can convert 워드 (doc, docx) files to PDF format
  • Convert png and jpg to PDF. Click an image from camera or choose one from gallery and convert it.
  • Convert a html webpage into PDF and save all the news articles / reports for later reading.
  • Combine PDF documents (까지 5 at a time) into a single one.
  • Have a file that is too big ? Now you can split it into smaller units.
  • Remove selected pages from the document.
  • Add watermark text to your file Great for embedding copyright information.
  • Reduce size of the document by using this feature.

PDF의 Utils 변환기 & 에디터 V1.9 APK

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