Smart Measure Pro 2.6 APK

Smart Measure Pro is the 2nd set of Smart 도구 collection (distance, height, width, area).
This range-finder(telemeter) measures the Distance, Height, Width and Area of a target with your phone by trigonometry.

Are you ready to measure? Just stand up and press the shutter. The important point is aiming the camera at the GROUND, NOT the object. (i.e. In order to measure the distance from someone, aim at his shoes.)

If it is inaccurate, please read the instructions in this app or see the checklist diagram in the blog. The sensors on your phone can be changed according to OS version, firmware and battery status.
You can calibrate them with the calibrate menu and settings for yourself.

* Pro version added Features:
– Width and Area can be measured
– Quick Shutter
– Portrait mode
– Camera Zoom
– Virtual Horizon
– No ads

– v2.6 : Galaxy S10 and OS 9 support
– v2.5.9 : Feet fractions, minor fix

앱 정보:
앱 이름: Play Store
패키지 이름 : 와.기계적 인조 인간.vending
개발자: Smart Tools co.
레브 .md5 :2e7b64a795aa3886c877fc8acb1ff2ec
APK 크기 : 2.05 MB
버전 이름 & 암호:2.6 (52)

요구 사항: 4.1+

Download Smart Measure Pro 2.6 APK

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