TypeNote Pro Note Notepad v2.1 Apk

TypeNote Pro Note Notepad v2.1 Apk A simple notepad that lets you organize your notes by category/folders. Also has functions to send notes, add image from album or camera, import and export notes/files, backup and restore locally or online. 그만큼 can also be locked and protected with a passcode.

주요 특징들:

  • notes – categories/folders/sub folders
  • add image from camera or album
  • search notes
  • Sorting of notes by date or title
  • passcode protection (with timer)
  • Auto link phone numbers, email addresses and links.
  • Import text files single files or all in a folder
  • Export to SD-card
  • Share notes (이메일, sms, dropbox, facebook...)
  • Backup function (manual or auto), local.
  • Backup and restore online, with Dropbox.
  • View/Edit-mode
  • AdFree

TypeNote Pro Note Notepad v2.1 Apk

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