Meklē šo lietotni APK failu? 4AppsApk mēģināt dot MOD vai jaunāko versiju "Ironkill: Robot Fighting spēle v1.2.59 APK failu" jūsu Android tālrunis / tablete ierīci. Tas App pieder Android spēles kategoriju. Lai iegūtu APK failu "Ironkill: Robot Fighting spēle v1.2.59 APK failu", izvēlēties un lejupielādēt to tieši no saites zemāk, un pēc tam pārvietot failu uz SD karti Android tālruņa un izmantojiet failu pārvaldnieku kas jums patīk labāk, lai pārlūkotu un instalēt. Lai instalētu lietotni, jums būs nepieciešams Android 4.0.3 vai jaunāka versija.


Iron and steel clash in Ironkill, the ultimate fight between the kings of bot battles! Collect and customize robots with unique moves, abilities and upgrades, then fight your enemies in knock-down, drag-out bot boxing contests!

In the dystopian world of Ironkill, warriors of iron and steel battle to the cheers of the crowd. Collect and customize an array of mech fighters and cross the world from one brutal fight to the next, modifying and improving your robots along the way. The ultimate bot trainer knows that it takes a mix of skilled fighting and smart customization to become the real king of the ring.

Only the toughest will become immortals in the arena – Do you have what it takes to lead your mech fighters to become bot boxing kings?

Build champions from iron and steel
– Collect bots and your roster of iron and steel champions
- ceļot across the world to become the ultimate bot fighter and win the Ironkill Robot Boxing Championship
– Upgrade and modify your bots strategically to prepare your team for boxing contests

Battle other bots and climb to the top
– Play for FREE in this epic Robot Fighting Championship!
– Unleash Revenge attacks during each fight to cripple opponents and deal huge damage
– Combat master fighters to advance up the ranks
– The more you fight, the more coins and gems you earn

Intuitive fighting controls and gameplay
– Quick attacks bring steel pain to your enemies in rapid succession
– Heavy attacks put the full force of your iron bots behind each blow
– Crush enemy bots in combat by combining your attacks. Each enemy requires a different battle strategy
– Block protects your steel from Quick attacks

Build your meter to unleash ultimate attacks
– Build your meters as you battle, and fight back with special skills
– Taking hits? Time to unleash a brutal Revenge Move and even the odds
– Fight without being hit to combos, and power up your ultimate abilities to deal mortal damage

Exciting Bonus Features
– Stunning graphics with real dynamic battles in stunning environments
– In the shadow of the iron arena, the crowd decides the rules. Fight in dynamic objective matches where you’ll compete in multiple rounds or battle against the clock
– Take on boss bots and special event fights for bigger rewards
– Earn coinage by sharing fights on Twitter, liking our Facebook lappuse, or by watching videos

Push your team of iron and steel robots to the top, and become immortals in the ultimate bot-fighting contest.

Build fighting robot champions with Ironkill! lejupielādēt lietotne today!

Kas jauns
MASSIVE update!
– Re-Imagined user experience and graphics. Build and Upgrade an arsenal of awesome robots through the new intuitive UI.
- 12 new enhanced robots to engage with.
– All New Event Rewards ranging from currency to enhanced robots
– Polished gameplay experience with enhanced VFX
– Improved game economy to make the content more accessible and affordable
– Improvements to the first time user experience
– Nexus6 crash and a freeze issue has been resolved

Kas ir iekļauts :
– Unlimited Coins
– Unlimited Gems

Nepieciešama Android: 4.0 UN UP

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FILE SIZE: 93 MB ir tieša lejupielādes saiti uz populārākajiem Android lietotņu un spēļu. Šī lietotne tika publicēts testa izmantošanai. Visi pieteikumi un spēles ir pieejamas tikai mājas vai personīgai lietošanai. "Ironkill: Robot Fighting spēle v1.2.59 APK failu" ir galvenais attīstītājs, īpašuma un preču zīmju un visas tiesības aizsargātas attīstītājs. Mēs cenšamies sniegt APK failu šeit, jo tas ir tur Google Play veikalā, bez jebkāda alter.


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