Valuta Tabel Ad-Free v5.7.5 Apk

Valuta Tabel Ad-Free v5.7.5 Apk The table shows the exchange rates for max. 15 selected currency pairs. To add a currency pair, press the plus button, to remove a currency pair the minus button. To replace a currency pair, click on one of the flags.

Exchange rates are updated when you click on the update button in the upper right. The calculator and charts can be accessed via a click on the button with the calculator symbol. You can click the chart to enlarge it.

  • Yahoo! Finance
  • European Central Bank
  • Da Afghanistan Bank
  • Bank of Albania
  • Bank of Algeria
  • National Bank of Angola
  • Central Bank of Argentina
  • Central Bank of Armenia

Valuta Tabel Ad-Free v5.7.5 Apk


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