WomanLog Pro Calendar 5.7.2 apk

WomanLog is a menstrual and fertility calendar for women.

Kluczowe cechy:
Menstrual cycle and the period
Ovulation and fertility forecast
Weight Tracking
Symptoms, Mood, Pill
Reminders (Menstruation, Ovulation, Weight, BBT, Multivitamin pill, Breast self-exam, Contraceptive pill, NuvaRing, Contraceptive patch, Depo-Provera injection)

WomanLog Pro:
Circular calendar, Moon phases
Cycle Overview (Send PDF file to an e-mail)
Ovulation test, Pregnancy test
Skins (16)
No ads

All the main functions are accessible via the calendar. Tapping a finger on the calendar date, you can add and edit the settings for each day.

Application developers are not responsible for any direct or indirect losses which have arisen or may arise related to using this application.

Menstruation, ovulation and fertility day forecast have to be understood as theoretical predictions which may not coincide with the actual menstruation, ovulation and fertility days.

General technical data such as phone model, itp., are transferred to www.womanlog.com solely for testing purposes and for statistics.

Small crash/bug fixes.
Nowy! Home/Today section. Now you can see a dynamic diagram of female menstrual cycle and edit today’s entries there.
Nowy! Articles about women health.
New symptoms.
New moods.
New pills.
New skins/themes.
Summary and graphs sections are merged.

App Info:
Nazwa aplikacji : WomanLog Pro Calendar
Nazwa pakietu : com.womanlogpro
Deweloper: Pro Active App
Rev md5 : 1e8ed7cc4c835d6803b7d9942d328ef5
Rozmiar apk :16.87 MB
Aktualizacja Sklepie Play :sierpień 6, 2019
wersja Nazwa & Kod: 5.7.2(30502)

wymagania: 4.0.3 i do góry

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