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App резервного копирования & Восстановить 5.0.4 Apk попытаться дать последнюю версию "App резервного копирования & Восстановить 5.0.4 Apk" для вашего телефона Android. Это приложение относится к категории Android Apps. Этот файл APK Последнее обновление декабря 21, 2018 в 9:09 вечера. Выбрать и загрузить из загрузки ниже ссылки, чтобы начать прямую получить файл для АПК "App резервного копирования & Восстановить 5.0.4 Apk", А затем переместить файл на SD-карте вашего Android телефона и использовать один файловый менеджер вы предпочитаете просматривать и установить его. Вы будете нуждаться в Android 4.0.3 версии или выше, чтобы установить это приложение.

App резервного копирования & Восстановить 5.0.4 Apk

App резервного копирования & Восстановить 5.0.4 Apk

App резервного копирования & Restore is to backup, восстановить, перечислить, share apps fast & easy for андроид.
Save phone space by backup, восстановить, перечислить, share apps that are not frequently used.
★ Editor’s Choice – No.1 in “10 best Android backup apps…” – Android Authority
★ Test Ver. 5.0 here and Join Google+ Community (HTTPS:// and gain gift cards!
★ Please be aware of the possibility of unstable Beta Test app performance and backup all app/data to other место in advance to prevent data loss. The bugs/imperfections you find will be highly under our consideration to bring a better App Backup & Восстановить.

Please take the SD card out before uninstall our app, otherwise all backups in it will be deleted due to system constriction.

– App Backup & Restore cannot backup, восстановить, перечислить, share of apps, it only backup, восстановить, перечислить, share Apk Files. App data can only be backup / restore through third party login or app account. App резервного копирования & Restore is not able to save Game Record due to system restriction.

Save space by uninstall apps if you have backup them. Different version of app can be coexisting by backup, восстановить, перечислить, доля. Auto backup is also available.

Restore apps from SD card. Restore and reinstall backup apps any time.

★Transfer / доля
– Instead of relying on wifi routers, “Transfer” enables easy & fast transfer app/file between devices.
– backup / перечислить / share without using data by simple click!
– Transfer / share does not charge your phone during transfer.
– Transfer / share is available with 2 приборы.
– Transfer / share will support App, APK, Фото, Музыка, видео.

★All Features:
- Резервное копирование, Restore apps to SD card
– Transfer, share app/file via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
– Batch backup & восстановить
- Резервное копирование, восстановить, install by simple click
– Backup and quick uninstall
– Sort restore, backup apps by name, свидание, размер
– Auto app backup, восстановить
– Customize auto backup counts
– Show backup, restore apps storage
– Multi version backup, восстановить
– Share backup apps to cloud
– Share market link
– Clean backup, restore catch
– App manager
– Auto backup
– Override old version while restore
– Alternative backup path, change backup, restore folder
– Show last backup, restore size, время
– Transfer between devices
– Transfer / share to cloud

How to backup apps?
– Backup – select apps – click Backup

Where the backup apps saved?
– Backup apps are in internal storage or sd card, based on your choice

How to do auto backup?
– Settings – Auto Backup

How to restore apps?
– Restore – select apps – click Restore tab

Why can’t I restore apps?
– System Settings – Applications, enable Unknown Sources, restore apps.

Does it backup, restore app data?
– No, currently it only backup, restore apk files.

Can I change backup path?
– Go to Setting – Backup Path. You can edit the full backup path.

How to use Transfer, доля?
– Transfer, share installed apps with others. Перечислить, share between two devices.
To transfer, share apps to others, tap “Transfer” ->”Send” -> Select the apps-> Click “Send” -> Select the device you want to send to -> Start Sending.
To transfer, share apps from others, tap “Transfer” ->”Receive” -> Waiting for the sender -> Start Receiving

Who can I transfer, share apps to? Must he/she has App Backup & Восстановить?
– Transfer, share to anyone around you who has App Backup & Восстановить. Transfer between 2 приборы.

Is it safe to transfer app?
– The transfer process is private via hotspot. No malware/vulnerability exists during the transfer / доля.

-Add Auto backup and enable auto backup list in “Settings”
-Add Sorting feature
-Backup Migration more stable
-Support more devices with external SD card
-Improved auto backup feature.
-Several bug fixes to reported issues.
We appreciate all your feedback, if you have any questions or suggestions please send feedback to us ( [email protected] ).

Информация о приложении:
Имя приложения : App резервного копирования & Восстановить
Имя пакета : mobi.infolife.appbackup
Rev .md5 : beeeb2a8d6c551688d59be77a2b0933e
Apk Размер : 4.91 мегабайт
Обновление на Play Маркете : июль 04, 2016
Версия Имя & Код: 5.0.4 (90)

Требования: 4.4+

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