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Снэп-камера HDR v8.6.0 Apk Full

4AppsApk.com попытаться дать последнюю версию "Снэп-камера HDR v8.6.0 Apk Full " для вашего телефона Android. Это приложение принадлежит к 2019 Лучшие категории Android программы и приложения. Этот файл APK Последнее обновление октября 26, 2017 в 1:49 вечера. Выбрать и загрузить из загрузки ниже ссылки, чтобы начать прямую получить файл для АПК "Снэп-камера HDR v8.6.0 Apk Full ", А затем переместить файл на SD-карте вашего Android телефона и использовать один файловый менеджер вы предпочитаете просматривать и установить его. Вы будете нуждаться в Android 4.0.3 версии или выше, чтобы установить это приложение.

Free Direct Download last version Snap Camera HDR Apk Full for андроид. A Fast HDR camera experience with regular updates and new features added all the time.

Быстрый опыт HDR камера с регулярными обновлениями и новыми возможностями добавляются все время.

Now with 4K 16×9 video recording on the Nexus 5 running Lollipop

Download Snap Camera HDR from the link below:

Now with optional Android 4.4 style user interface

Snap Camera lets you take pictures and record video with a single click, no cluttered preview screen, just the two buttons you really need.

Snap Camera‘s interface is based on the camera included in Android 4.4 (kitkat) on the Nexus 5 но с большим количеством дополнительных функций,.

If you want to test this camera before buying, please install the trial version..
The trial version has all the features of the paid app but will only start immediately in Airplane mode.

Snap Camera has a simple, powerful user interface featuring:

* Touch to focus
* Pinch, чтобы увеличить
* Swipe to review
* Long press to adjust photo settings with the photo controller.

The photo controller includes settings for:

* Colour and Contrast (if supported by the hardware).
* Silent Shutter
* Burst Mode
* Self Timer
* Stable Shot
* Panorama mode
* Flash mode
* Whitebalance
* Воздействие
* Grid lines
* Fast picture mode
* Additional Settings

The additional settings menu gives you access to many extra settings.

* Picture and Video Size
* Scene mode
* Self Timer delay
* Burst Mode settings
* Промежуток времени
* Still and Video Focus Modes
* JPEG Quality
* Последствия
* Anti-banding
* Scene Detection
* скорость передачи видео, Format and Codec
* Audio Settings

The photo editor lets you:
* Add colour effects
* Add a border
* урожай, Поворот, Mirror
* Straighten
* Add image effects
* Histogram Modification
* Виньетка

Дополнительные возможности

– You can see what effects will be applied and undo an effect at any time from the history menu
– Share an image with any other app such as Facebook or Google+ by clicking on the share icon
– Create panoramas by selecting the panorama icon (Android 4.0 и выше)
– Fast picture mode instantly captures photos at the preview resolution.
– Capture still snapshots during video recording (if supported)
– Use the volume buttons to focus and take a picture or zoom
– Auto torch mode for low light video recording
– Use the advanced video settings to record video in resolutions not allowed by other cameras. Например, this gives you 720p video recording on the Nexus 7
– Stable shot mode only takes a photo when the camera is completely still

Расширенный динамический диапазон (HDR)

HDR is a feature that lets you take pictures of scenes with very dark and very light areas. The app takes two photos at different exposures and combines them to make one HDR photo. By default the app will save the original exposures and open an HDR editor but this behaviour can be changed from the settings menu.

See here for details of HDR:


Please contact us if you have any issues with Snap Camera, we will give you a refund and later notify you once we’ve fixed the problem.

Some features are only available on newer devices.

Camera apps are notoriously difficult to make compatible with all hardware.
Please install and test the trial version first before you buy the paid app.

Please visit our website for tips and more details about the settings and features.
There is a discussion forum here:


Please use this to report bugs, ask questions and suggest new features. Remember to say which device you have and which Android version it is running.

This app will install 2 icons in your launcher, one for the Gallery and one for the Camera. Some launchers also put the Gallery icon on your home screen.


Dial for selecting camera mode
Улучшен 3 frame HDR
Many new features and bug fixes.


Размер – Зависит от устройства
Установлено – 50,000 – 100,000
Текущая версия – Зависит от устройства
Требуется Android – Зависит от устройства
Предложено – Marginz Software
разработчик – Marginz Software

Download Snap Camera HDR v8.6.0 Apk Full

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