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Мастер для Minecraft (Карманное издание)- Пусковая Apk попытаться дать последнюю версию "Мастер для Minecraft (Карманное издание)- Пусковая Apk" для вашего телефона Android. Это приложение относится к категории Android Apps. Этот файл APK Последнее обновление ноября 12, 2018 в 8:48 утра. Выбрать и загрузить из загрузки ниже ссылки, чтобы начать прямую получить файл для АПК "Мастер для Minecraft (Карманное издание)- Пусковая Apk", А затем переместить файл на SD-карте вашего Android телефона и использовать один файловый менеджер вы предпочитаете просматривать и установить его. Вы будете нуждаться в Android 4.0.3 версии или выше, чтобы установить это приложение.

Download Master для Minecraft (Карманное издание)- Launcher Apk for free here

**Support Minecraft Pocket Edition
Этот приложение requires Minecraft Pocket Edition.

[Основные характеристики MCPE мастера]
★Floating Window★
√ Player: непобедимый | Fly | спринт | Добавьте предмет(все элементы в обновлении воды)
√ игры: Изменение погоды | Время | е | Показать HP | Mini Map
√ Item: (TMI) Too many items | Redstone | Mobs
√ Rapid build: Put Line, Cuboid, Sphere by one click
√ Mob: Creeper | Enderman | Silverfish | Ocelot| Ghast |Turtles | parrots | dolphins | tropical fish

★Import & Download★
| Карты | Textures | Скины | Seeds | Addons
All the interesting maps, cool skins, amazing texture and varied s can be applied to MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION by simply click download and apply.

★Addon Download & Import★
The newest version supports download and import of addon. Players can now download addon directly from MCPE Master by one click. It is also a convenient addon tool to import addon from your phone’s file.

● MCPE s&Addons:
– :Weapon s | Gun s | Furniture s | Portal s | Animal s | Pet s | Dragon s | Redstone s | Pixelmon s
√More than 2000 els of free download, compatible with the new version of the game
Addonscity | Building | Mansions | Furnished houses | Buildings | Statues | Aircraft and helicopters | Spaceships | Naval ships Cars | Means of transport | Medieval castles | Mechanisms
√plug-in library of more than 1,000 работает, equipped with a large number of maps, realizing the true story e

● MCPE Maps&Seed:
√Adventure Maps | Parkour Maps | Minigame Maps | PVP Maps | Horror Maps | Roller Coaster Maps | Hide and Seek Maps | Survival Maps | Redstone Maps | Architecture Maps
√Village | Island | Горы | пустынный | Caverns | Glacier | Desert Temple | Strongholds | Monster spawners | Forest Skylands | MINI World |
And much more Hills, Растения, Houses, Города, Redstone, Flying Island, Horrors, Escape from Prisons, Cops and Bandits.

It is not only a launcher for Minecraft Pocket Edition, but also an app for you to download fantastic maps, Оболочки, пакета текстур, seeds and s. There are plenty of maps for MCPE. Players can easily download adventure maps, PVP maps, minigame maps, и т.д. MCPE Master will update Minecraft maps, Оболочки, texture, seeds and s everyday so that players can access the newest resources and enjoy playing Minecraft. We will continuously focus on finding out more resources packs. You can even submit your own MCPE maps, Оболочки, texture, seeds or s to be added to MCPE Master. They can be sent by email (to [email protected]), or upload via the port in the app.

● For MC PE skins, there is a function called 3D preview. Thousands of skins for MCPE are available. You can preview the skins in 360 degree and download for free.

● For MC PE s, there are plenty of s like Polar Bear , every kind of gun s, pet s, TNT s, dragon s.

If you like MCPE master, check out our new product Multiplayer master for MCPE. With Multiplayer master you are able to play online with your friends from worldwide.

We are not affiliated with Mojang. And it is not an official Mojang app. The Name, Brand and the Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner.

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MCPE Master Official Website: HTTP://


1. Floating window support MCPE
2. & Support MasterClub
3. 4Dskin bug fix.
–близко 0.14-1.0 Floating window support

Download Master для Minecraft (Карманное издание)- Пусковая Apk

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