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AccuWeather Platinum v5.6.4 ödemeli APK son sürümünü vermeye çalışacağım "AccuWeather Platinum v5.6.4 ödemeli APK" Android Phone için. Bu, Uygulama Android Uygulamaları kategoriye ait. Bu APK dosyası geçen Ekim'de güncellenmiş 16, 2019 en 2:35 Öğleden Sonra. Seçin ve aşağıdaki doğrudan indirme bağlantısından indir apk dosyasını almak başlatmak için "AccuWeather Platinum v5.6.4 ödemeli APK", Ve sonra Android telefonun SD karta dosya taşımak ve göz atabilir ve yüklemeyi tercih bir dosya yöneticisini kullanabilirsiniz. Eğer Android gerekecektir 4.0.3 sürümü veya daha yüksek bu uygulamayı yükleme.

AccuWeather Platinum

AccuWeather for Android, doğru ve lokalize hava için kaynak.

AccuWeather Platinum has all of the accurate and local weather information and interactive features you need for your Android device without any advertising! This full-featured app not only has hourly forecasts updated every hour, interactive Google Maps™, a notification center, and severe weather notices, but it also has weather in 27 Diller, customizable color themes, and social media sharing!

AccuWeather Platinum v5.6.4 ödemeli APK

Stay connected to the latest weather conditions with AccuWeather Platinum. Bu , customizable app features the new AccuWeather MinuteCast™, the leading minute-by-minute weather forecast, hyper-localized to your exact street address. AccuWeather offers the same Superior Accuracyand great experience across all Android smartphones and tablets.

Weatherproof your day with these features and without any advertising*:

• MinuteCast – minute-by-minute weather forecasts for the next two hours hyper-localized to your exact street address in the United States and Canada. Includes precipitation type and intensity, and start and end times for precipitation.
• For worldwide locations, zaman AccuWeather kar tahminleri, buz, yağmur, rüzgar, or the probability of thunderstorms, you will see an orange exclamation point displayed within the location’s current and 25-day screens.
• Push notifications for severe weather alerts in the United States.
• Homescreen widget displaying two-day forecasts with severe weather warnings for your GPS location, and a time clock. Resizable, multi-location widgets are also available with even more weather detail.
• Radar for all of North America and Europe, ve dünya çapında uydu interaktif Google Maps bindirilirken™ with a snapshot view of the maps for your saved locations.
• Current news and weather videos, İngilizce ve İspanyolca hem de mevcut birçok ile.
• Social media sharing so you can share your location’s current conditions, saatlik, or 25-day forecasts using the social media apps you have on your device.

You also get the accurate, local weather forecasts and the customization you expect from AccuWeather, minus the advertising:
• Accurate and local forecasts for nearly 3 million locations worldwide. Tahminler her güncelleme 15 minutes with information for the next 25 days – all in 27 farklı diller.
• Current weather conditions update every 15 minutes with the very latest humidity and precipitation percentages, dew point, görünürlük, UV index, wind speed gusts and direction, times for sunrise and sunset, and RealFeel® – AccuWeather’s exclusive weather forecasting system that analyzes multiple weather factors to determine how the local temperature actually feels.
• Local weather forecast summaries that provide an overview of the next five days’ weather forecast along with a description of the most dramatic weather event expected during the five days.
• Status bar on the homescreen displaying the current temperature for your current or home location.
• Ability to store an unlimited amount of locations.
• Choice between metric or imperial units, 12-hour or 24-hour time display, and portrait or landscape view.

lütfen aklınızda bulundurun: Sunrise and sunset times are found in Daily Details which can be viewed by tapping on daily forecast. Ayrıca, AccuWeather Holo Dark and Light widgets display RealFeel® and occupy only the 4×1 space.

Download AccuWeather Platinum for a one-time fee of only $2.99 and experience the Superior Accuracythat comes from high-quality weather forecasting without any advertising*.

*AccuWeather has content partnerships with ABC and FOX television stations in certain markets. The partnerships are intended to give users the best possible news and weather information. It is possible you may see an ABC or FOX logo associated with these news stories inside AccuWeather Platinum.


• Long Press on app icon to open shortcuts. You can also add AccuWeather shortcuts to your home screen.
• RealFeel® temperature in Widget – You can now select to see RealFeel® in your widgets.
• Tap to add location from Maps- You can now tap on full screen map to add location.
• Greeting Messages
• Hata düzeltmeleri
** Please try our New Custom 4×2 Widget that Will let you know when to take Umbrella or Jacket.**

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Sürümü Adı & kod:4.7.0-paid (113)

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