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Ay + Reader Pro 4.4.0 apk son sürümünü vermeye çalışacağım "Ay + Reader Pro 4.4.0 apk" Android Phone için. Bu, Uygulama Android Uygulamaları kategoriye ait. Bu APK dosyası geçen Aralık ayında güncellenme 5, 2017 en 4:12 Öğleden Sonra. Seçin ve aşağıdaki doğrudan indirme bağlantısından indir apk dosyasını almak başlatmak için "Ay + Reader Pro 4.4.0 apk", Ve sonra Android telefonun SD karta dosya taşımak ve göz atabilir ve yüklemeyi tercih bir dosya yöneticisini kullanabilirsiniz. Eğer Android gerekecektir 4.0.3 sürümü veya daha yüksek bu uygulamayı yükleme.

Ay + Reader Pro 4.4.0 apk

Better designed book reader with powerful controls & tam fonksiyonlar, destekleri epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cBR, cbz, umd, fb2, Txt, html, rar, zip veya OPDS biçimleri.

☀pro versiyonunda Ek avantajlar:

✔ Reklamsız, Daha hızlı & smoother
Shake the phone to speak (Konuşma metni, TTS engine support)
PDF support, hızlı & speech compatible
Reading statistics function
More beautiful themes, background images and fonts
Customize reader bar function
Headset & Bluetooth keys control
Multi-point touch support
Option for password protection at startup
Book to home screen shortcut
Annotations, vurgular & bookmarks share support
Open/Backup/Sync/Download/Upload book files via Dropbox/GDrive
Tilt to turn page with customized actions
Customer email support

PDF features in Pro version:

Fill out PDF Form
✔ Vurgulamak, annotation, handwriting
Smart scroll lock, smooth reading experience
Night e support, 6 additional pdf themes available
Dual-page e for landscape screen
Speech, auto-scroll compatible
Read statistics, senkronizasyon, flip animation available
☆The key features:

• Support online ebook libraries and personal calibre ebook server.
• Read local books with smooth scroll and tons of innovation.

☆Standard functions:

• Full visual options: line space, font scale, bold, italic, gölge, alpha colors, fading edge etc.
• 10+ themes embedded, includes Day & Night e switcher.
• Various types of paging: touch screen, volume keys or even camera, search or back keys.
• 24 customized operations (screen click, swipe gesture, hardware keys), apply to 15 customized events: Ara, bookmark, temalar, navigasyon, font size and more.
• 5 auto-scroll es: rolling blind e; by pixel, by line or by page. Real-time speed control.
• Adjust the brightness by sliding your finger along the left edge of the screen, gesture commands supported.
• Intelligent paragraph; indent paragraph; trim unwanted blank spaces and lines options.
• Keep your eyes health options for long-time reading.
• Real page turning effect with customized speed/color/transparent; 5 page flip animations.
• My Bookshelf design: Favoriler, İndirilenler, Yazarlar, Etiketler; self bookcover, Ara, import supported.
• Justified text alignment, hyphenation e supported.
• Dual page e for landscape screen.
• Support all four screen orientations.
• EPUB3 multimedia content support (video and audio), popup footnote support
• Backup/Restore options to cloud via DropBox, sync reading positions between phones and tablets.
• Highlight, Annotation, Sözlük (Offline or Online, support ColorDict, GoldenDict, Fora, ABBYY Lingvo, vb.), Tercüme, Share functions all in moon+ ebook reader.



● Add “Miscellaneous – Disable touch screen edge (for full screen phone or tablet)”
● Add “Prior/Next Chapter” buttons on bottom navigation panel
● Add “Share – Page screenshot” menu (useful for PDF)
● Add webnovel fiction library
● New hyphenation without text justified e
● New “AUTO(Detect language)” option for google translate
● Improve chapter recognition ule for txt books
● Improve books download ule
● Record reading statistics too in auto-scroll e

Uygulama Bilgi:
Uygulama ismi : Ay + Reader Pro
Paket ismi : com.flyersoft.moonreaderp
Rev md5 : e0be092cff6cc6c41e2aab84f2ff402f
apk Boyut : 12.21 MB
Google Play Store'da güncelle :Aralık 04, 2017
Sürümü Adı & kod:4.4.0(440000 )

Gereksinimler: 2.3 ve yukarı

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