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F18 Carrier Landing II Pro v1.0 Apk son sürümünü vermeye çalışacağım "F18 Carrier Landing II Pro v1.0 Apk" Android Phone için. Bu, Uygulama Android Oyunları kategorisine ait. Bu APK dosyası geçen haziran tarihinde güncellenmiştir 6, 2017 en 6:53 Öğleden Sonra. Seçin ve aşağıdaki doğrudan indirme bağlantısından indir apk dosyasını almak başlatmak için "F18 Carrier Landing II Pro v1.0 Apk", Ve sonra Android telefonun SD karta dosya taşımak ve göz atabilir ve yüklemeyi tercih bir dosya yöneticisini kullanabilirsiniz. Eğer Android gerekecektir 4.0.3 sürümü veya daha yüksek bu uygulamayı yükleme.

F18 Carrier Landing II Pro v1.0 Apk

F18 Carrier Landing II Pro Apk Landing on an aircraft carrier is one of the most difficult tasks a pilot has to execute. The flight deck is only 150+ meters long, just enough to stop the aircraft.

Accept the challenge, take on over thirty missions in the world’s most dangerous and spectacular scenarios and join the best Top Gun pilots. Take control, climb into realistic ED cockpits and fly the most famous military aircrafts, faithfully reproduced.

Try out the latest evolution of Rortos flight system, already appreciated by millions of users around the world, unprecedented graphics, realistic weather conditions and a replay function that lets you review your flight moves immediately share with your friends.

For an even more thrilling experience, connect two devices online and activate the multi screen e.

Temel Özellikler:-

  • Game campaign with 6 training missions and 30+ missions in 5+ different scenarios.
  • Free flight with choice of weather conditions and time.
  • Landing competitions with worldwide ranking.
  • Multi camera replay with dynamic cinema view.
  • Aircraft carrier landings, airbase landings and emergency landings.
  • Take off, practice, transfers, recon and flights in formation with a flight guide.
  • Vertical take off and landing.
  • In flight re fuel.
  • More realistic extreme conditions with wind, yağmur, snow and lightning.
  • 3D virtual cockpit with integrated instrumentation, rain/snow effects and 6 different camera angles.
  • Visual perspectives.
  • Radar with runway and aircraft carrier orientation.
  • Realistic fuel consumption.
  • Approach system IFLOLS.
  • Radio communication.
  • Uzaktan kumanda.

F18 Carrier Landing II Pro v1.0 Apk

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