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Kit Kat 4.4+ Launcher Tema v3.53 apk son sürümünü vermeye çalışacağım "Kit Kat 4.4+ Launcher Tema v3.53 apk" Android Phone için. Bu, Uygulama Android DUVAR kategoriye ait. Bu APK dosyası geçen haziran tarihinde güncellenmiştir 6, 2017 en 6:51 Öğleden Sonra. Seçin ve aşağıdaki doğrudan indirme bağlantısından indir apk dosyasını almak başlatmak için "Kit Kat 4.4+ Launcher Tema v3.53 apk", Ve sonra Android telefonun SD karta dosya taşımak ve göz atabilir ve yüklemeyi tercih bir dosya yöneticisini kullanabilirsiniz. Eğer Android gerekecektir 4.0.3 sürümü veya daha yüksek bu uygulamayı yükleme.

Kit Kat 4.4+ Launcher Tema v3.53 apk

Kit Kat 4.4+ Başlatıcı Tema Apk – experience launcher theme is a brand new multi launcher theme designed for all Android Başlatıcı, inspired by forthcoming Android 4.4 OS and the latest Nexus 5 leaks.

Get the latest Android OS look with the most realistic Android 4.4 Theme on Google Play, featuring fully customizable icons, Duvar kağıtları, rıhtım çubukları, folders and much more.

Featuring Full graphics support on Nova Launcher, Akıllı Launcher, Apex Başlatıcı, TSF Kabuğu, Sonraki Launcher 3D, GO Launcher EX, ADW Başlatıcı, ADW Launcher EX, Holo Başlatıcı, SS Launcher, Atom Launcher and Many more…

Başlıca Özellikleri:-

  • Unique interface to automatically apply theme on your favorite launcher, with info and help for optional Android launchers, includes KitKat Experience wallpaper manager, automatically request missing icons, view all included dock bar icons and much more.
  • Bitmiş 525+ Android KitKat+ icons, completely customizable icons inspired by Nexus 5 Android 4.4 releases. feel free to use built in icon requester included in app.
  • Includes bonus icons white or dark icons specially for home screen dock bars, allowing you to customize this theme exactly to your taste.
  • Perfect and unique wallpaper management system with no fragmentation, smart wallpaper selector adds only the best sizes to perfectly match your device home screen. 20+ different designs to choose from, designed in multiple sizes to perfectly fit the highest resolution tablets to the lowest resolution with full HD graphics.
  • Cloud based wallpaper picker allows you to directly app or download wallpaper designs to your device, giving you more space and more freedom to use third party wallpaper software.
  • 40+ different types of KitKat dock bars to choose from in a variety of styles and other additional color options.
  • Includes full HD graphics, such as folder backgrounds, ana ekran, menus, rıhtım çubukları, memory gauges, media systems and much more specially designed for each launcher.

What’s new in v3.53

  • Added icon requester, icon updates and enhancements
  • Appfilter fixed and updates
  • Improved support for Blink
  • Improved support for Themer

Kit Kat 4.4+ Launcher Tema v3.53 apk

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