Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Premium v3.3 APK

last updated on: Вересень 18, 2018
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Capture the moment and make it your own with Adobe Lightroom. Powered by the magic of Adobe Photoshop технологія, Lightroombrings you essential tools to craft incredible images everyday, everywhere — whether you’re a beginner or a pro. All in one place.

Примітка: Lightroom requires a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan.
The power to perfect your photography.

• Bring out the best in your images with simple one-click presets to powerful advanced adjustment tools.
• Experiment fearlessly, and then revert to your original with just one click.
• Edit smartphone photos to raw images from DSLRs and access them across devices.

[Latest] Adobe Photoshop Express Преміум 5.0.511 Apk для андроїда

Your photography, everywhere you are.

• View, organize, edit and share photos across мобільний прилади, desktop and the web.
• Automatically sync photo edits, metadata and collection info with all your Lightroom enabled devices.

Your photos tell a story. Share yours.

• Easily share photos online via social networks, and get feedback from family and friends in beautiful Lightroom web galleries.
• Craft visual stories and animated videos with access to your photos in Adobe Voice and Slate, available from the App Store.
• Access all your Lightroom photos across a growing list of photography apps and services including 500px and more.
Lightroom is compatible with 7 inch and 10 inch Android tablets.


–Geometry tab including Upright, Guided Upright & Geometry sliders—Capture the perfect perspective with tools that make it easy to straighten skewed horizontal and vertical lines—including in photos where the horizon is hidden (особливість премії)
–Add watermarks during export
–Use “Search Mountains in Lightroom CC” within Google Assistant to launch Lightroom & find matching photos (requires Android Marshmallow or later)
–Add photos to Lightroom from your favorite apps that support share capability

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Full 3.6 Apk для андроїда


  1. Стріляйте наскрізну попереднє встановлення вимагає OpenGL ES 3.0 а потім підтримка. Камера в додатку підтримується на Android смартфонах.

    **У відповідно до жорстких вимог Adobe навколо якості продукції та стабільності, режим повного захоплення сирого HDR в даний час підтримується на пристроях, які містять передові технології обробки та пам'ять, включаючи Samsung S7, S7 Край, S8, S8 +, Примітка 8, Google Pixel, і Pixel XL.


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