Battery Life Repair Pro v2.72 Apk

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Battery Life Repair Pro v2.72 Apk

Battery Life Repair Pro Apk – 是一個奇妙的應用 Android的 用戶. Battery Life Repair is a new tool that will make your dead or old battery lasts much more.

Start using Battery Life Repair today and take your phone wherever you like without thinking about this old, short lasting battery.


  • Really simple interface made for everyone
  • 採用 Battery Life Repair 每週和提高你的電池使用時間
  • Top notch suport

What’s New in v2.72 Apk

  • Fixed some stability issues
  • Removed battery capacity information until 谷歌 provides reliable API
  • Better and faster battery and fixing algorithm

Battery Life Repair Pro v2.72 Apk

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