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4AppsApk.com盡量給的最新版本 "Memrise: 學習一門外語 & 新詞彙2.94_2705_memrise APK" 為你的Android手機. 這個應用程序屬於Android應用類別. 這個APK文件最後更新於十月 24, 2017 在 9:33 上午. 選擇從下面直接下載鏈接下載,開始獲取apk文件 "Memrise: 學習一門外語 & 新詞彙2.94_2705_memrise APK", 然後將文件移動到你的Android手機的SD卡,並使用一個文件管理器,你喜歡瀏覽和安裝. 你需要的Android 4.0.3 或更高版本安裝此應用.

★★ Best App Winner ★★ 2017 Google PlayAwards

Learn how to speak like a native with Memrise, 免費的應用程序,解鎖你的外語學習超級大國!

學習新詞, vocabulary and grammar with beginner and advancedreading and writing courses alongside over 15 million peopleworldwide – soon you’ll be reading, writing and speaking西班牙語, 日本, 中文, 意大利, 法國, 德語, 朝鮮的,and many other exciting languages like a pro. With next-generationmobile learning, a rich variety of memory and vocabulary games,過度 30,000 native speaker videos and chatbots, Memrise provides aninnovative approach to learning languages.

Reading, 寫作和交談本地人一樣speakeris與Memrise參與這個世界的樂趣!

免費外語學習中的應用: 最佳 5 理由DownloadMemrise

1. 初級和高級西班牙語, 意大利, 日本, 中國andmany其他演講, 閱讀和寫作外語coursesexpertly語言學家的專業團隊創建
2. 韓國研究, 與內容designedto德國和其他詞彙學習推技術的界限
3. 研究和學習語言與聊天機器人 - 磨練自然flowfor日常對話
4. 母語視頻 - 學習外語在上下文中withno演員, 只是真實的人
5. 記憶, 詞彙和其他好玩的遊戲幫助您學習andpractice, 包括疑難詞語, 速評論, 聽Skillsand經典回顧

學習新詞, 初級和高級詞彙, pronunciationand practical grammar for daily conversation in your favoritelanguages including Korean, 意大利, Japanese and Chinese!

Study beginner Italian vocabulary for free before you fly to Romeand eat a pistachio gelato. Is Korean BBQ your favorite meal? Learnhow to order like a native speaker the next time you’re in Seoul.Are your Spanish skills already top notch but your Germanpronunciation could use some work? Check out the free advancedreading course before donning the lederhosen for Oktoberfest.

Memrise, the award-winning free language learning app:

* Best App of 2017 – Google Play awards
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* 頂尖開發者
* Best of 2016 – Self Improvement
* Best Apps

Flirt in a foreign language with perfect pronunciation from memory,or impress locals with your advanced Chinese grammar knowledge thenext time you’re on vacation. Got a free minute? Why not setyourself a challenge and learn two new words a dayyou’ll beamazed by how quickly you can pick it up! Whether it’s reading inSpanish, challenging your memory skills with German articles orsimply being curious about Japanese, Memrise offers a unique andinteractive approach to the world of language learning.

Learn useful, real-life foreign language skills on the go. Withpronunciation guides, beginner and advanced courses, grammar skillsand rich content, Memrise offers everything you need to have acompelling conversation in any foreign language! Download today andstart a conversation with the world around you.


📢 Is this thing on? Testing, 1, 2... 📢 YOU CAN NOW PRACTICE YOUR PRONUNCIATION WITH MEMRISE! That’s right, you can now practice and perfect your pronunciation with a little help from native speakers. 獨家專業會員!

應用信息Memrise: 學習一門外語 & 新詞彙

  • 應用程序名稱 – Memrise: 學習一門外語 & 新詞彙
  • 包裹名字 – com.memrise.安卓.memrisecompanion
  • 更新 – 十月 18, 2017
  • 文件大小 – 未定義
  • 需要Android – Android的 4.1 最多
  • 版 – 2.94_2705_memrise
  • 開發人員 – Memrise
  • 安裝 – 10,000,000 – 50,000,000
  • 價錢 – 自由
  • 類別 – 教育
  • 開發人員 – 電子郵件[email protected]

    Memrise有限公司 38-40 商道倫敦E1 1LN
  • 谷歌播放鏈接 – GOOGLE PLAY LINK

Memrise: 學習一門外語 & 新詞彙2.94_2705_memrise APK文件

發布日期: 2017 /10/19
需要Android: Android的 4.1+ (果凍豆, API: 16)
文件大小: 24.3 兆字節
測試在: (, API: 26)

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