電話分析儀專業版 1.55.04 APK

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電話分析儀專業版 1.55.04 APK

Phone Analyzer Pro was initially devised as an app manager that would significantly simplify and expand the features in the Android的 app settings. The app we created does just that, but it offers so much more.
– List of all apps and/or system apps
– Special expert view e
– Flagging of “out-of-the-norm” apps (尺寸, number of permissions)
– Output of highly detailed app information
– Intelligent app permission analysis
- 15 different sorting options (按名字, oldest, 最新, 最大的, number of permissions, Android target version, 以及更多)
– Multi-uninstall option
– Sort order can be changed at the touch of a button (ascending/descending)
– Cache cleaner
– App search function
– List of all running services
– Storage analysis and evaluation (internal and external storage)
– SD card benchmark with global comparison
– Detailed Android system information
– Comprehensive statistics section based on continuously updated data records (Android distribution, 32/64 bit CPU distribution; Bluetooth LE, NFC, tablets with SIM card slot, device sizes, average running hours, average number of apps installed, average number of services running, list of apps with the highest numbers of permissions, average RAM size, average SD card size and memory usage, distribution by countries and manufacturers, “internal“ app information, 以及更多.

版 1.55.04
– bugfixes
– code improvements
– stability improvements

應用程序名稱 : 電話分析儀專業版
包裹名字 : de.kaibits.androidinsightpro
啟.md5 : f2b15d6af8d888014c3d191c595331d5
APK大小 : 4.75 兆字節
更新Play商店 :二月 20, 2017
版本名稱 : v1.55.04

要求: 4.0 最多

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