智能電視遙控三星電視付費v7.8.0構建 4310 APK [最新]

4AppsApk.com盡量給的最新版本 "智能電視遙控三星電視付費v7.8.0構建 4310 APK [最新]" 為你的Android手機. 這個應用程序屬於Android應用類別. 這個APK文件最後更新於二月 21, 2018 在 9:23 上午. 選擇從下面直接下載鏈接下載,開始獲取apk文件 "智能電視遙控三星電視付費v7.8.0構建 4310 APK [最新]", 然後將文件移動到你的Android手機的SD卡,並使用一個文件管理器,你喜歡瀏覽和安裝. 你需要的Android 4.0.3 或更高版本安裝此應用.

Smart TV Remote for Samsung TV

Samsung TV Remote and DLNA Server. 多於 1,000,000 下載! The best Samsung TV remote control app for Android的. Samsung Smart TV WiFi Remote is the best Remote Control application that allows you to turn your Android device into remote controller and even more. It acts as a Samsung TV remote.

Samsung TV Remote: 簡單 & clean layout.
Android Wear Support: control the TV from Wear.
Andev MediaShare: share your photos, videos and music from your smart phone to your Samsung TV via DLNA.
Andev SmartNotify: receive on screen notifications on your Samsung Smart TV when you have an incoming call or text on your phone.
Andev SilentNotify: get on-TV notifications only when your phone is in silent e.

How To Use:
Make sure that both your phone and your TV is connected to the same network and the Wireless Remote Control / Network Remote Control options are enabled on your TV.

Supported Samsung SmartTVs
Currently only the following Samsung Smart TV els are supported by the application:
– Samsung TVs released in 2010 having el number greater or equal to LCD C650, LED C6500, PDP 6500
– Samsung TVs released in 2011 having el number greater or equal to LCD D550, LED D5500, PDP 5500

– If you didn’t completed / refused the paring process on the TV, you can still enable the remote. On Samsung TVs, just open the [菜單][設置][Wireless Controller] and remove the Smart TV WiFi Remote item. When you restart the application, the TV will prompt again for the pairing process.
– If your TV el is supported, and you accepted the pairing on the TV, and the remote still not working, you can try to unplug the network cable / wireless adapter from the TV, restart the TV and plug-in the cable / adapter again.
– If you don’t see your TV on the device selector screen, and your TV is supported, you can re-run / refresh the devices displayed on the screen.

Decrease file size and remove some permissions.

智能電視遙控三星電視付費v7.8.0構建 4310 APK