SoundHound∞音樂搜索 8.5.2 APK

4AppsApk.com盡量給的最新版本 "SoundHound∞音樂搜索 8.5.2 APK" 為你的Android手機. 這個應用程序屬於Android應用類別. 這個APK文件最後更新於二月 19, 2018 在 12:38 下午. 選擇從下面直接下載鏈接下載,開始獲取apk文件 "SoundHound∞音樂搜索 8.5.2 APK", 然後將文件移動到你的Android手機的SD卡,並使用一個文件管理器,你喜歡瀏覽和安裝. 你需要的Android 4.0.3 或更高版本安裝此應用.

SoundHound∞音樂搜索 8.5.2 APK

The most immersive Music Search, Discovery and Play Experience on mobile.

SoundHound recognizes music playing around you. Tap the SoundHound button to instantly identify songs and see lyrics, 分享, buy or explore more from artists you know and love or have just discovered.

You can even search for by singing or humming into SoundHound. SoundHound is the only App in the world that can give you results through singing and humming search!

Other Amazing Features:
◦ Blazing fast music recognition
◦ The world’s only singing and humming recognition
◦ LiveLyrics: see lyrics move in time with the music
◦ Home screen widget allows you to identify music without launching the app
◦ No banner advertisements
◦ SoundHound Headlines: brings you free song streams, new artists, 和更多

◦ Beautifully optimized for tablets
◦ Real-time Facebook and Twitter updates from your favorite artists
◦ Facebook and Twitter sharing, listen-on-startup, and geotagging
◦ Buy links, YouTube videos, artist biographies, 以及更多
✧ Thank you to our 200 million+ fans and loyal users for making SoundHound a must-have App!

★ Reviews and Honors for SoundHound ★
◦ Top 10 Must-Have Android的 Apps – Bob Tedeschi, 紐約時報
◦ Best Music Engagement App – BILLBOARD Music App Awards
◦ Your top 10 Android Apps – “I love this app… unique in its class.” – Jessica Dolcourt, 網絡
◦ The Best Android Apps – “There’s no limit.” – John Herrman, 吉三
◦ “Genius, 是不是?” – B.B.C. World Radio
◦ “This is amazing… insane, 對?” – David Pogue of the NY Times
注意: Location is used to store where songs were discovered. It can be disabled from the Options menu.


應用程序名稱 : SoundHound∞音樂搜索
包裹名字 : com.melodis.midomiMusicIdentifier
開發人員: SoundHound Inc.
啟.md5 : 2c7b47a65b3af4fc19f1cf796177de04
APK大小 : 25.40 兆字節
更新Play商店 :二月 16, 2018
版本名稱 & 碼:8.5.0(20150)

要求: 4.3+