Xposed GEL設置高級版v2.2.8 111 APK

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!!!! 需要root & Xposed框架!!!!
!!!! 僅適用於谷歌現在啟動和投石機 !!!!

I don’t understand why Google wants me to have this omnipresent search bar on every home screen if there obviously is Google Now / Google Search embedded into the launcher if you go to the left page. So after some searching I found a way to hide it. But it will show again if you go to the left screen; no functionality is lost. Of course digging through the code I found some more things which are customizable :)

++ 特徵 ++

– Google search bar / automatically show search bar on Google Now
– apps from the app drawer
– widgets
– page indicator
– app dock / auto hide
– all apps button
– icon labels

Icon Pack Support [XGELS Premium*] – supports any icon pack
– automatically applies new icon packs
– dynamic calendar icon (自由: unthemed, paid*: themed by icon pack)

Notification Badges [XGELS Premium*] – using MissedIt!

手勢: [unlock all gestures with XGELS Premium*] – swipe down left, 中間, 對
– swipe up left, 中間, 對
-> Gesture actions
– pull down notification bar
– pull down quicksettings panel
– open app drawer
– open last app from recents
–打開 安卓 設置
– go to sleep
– toggle hide/show app dock
– launch an app

Change grid:
– homescreen
– app drawer
– app dock
– homescreen margins

– app drawer background
– folder colors (背景, 字形, 預習)
– text colors on homescreen and app drawer

– resize icons
– resize icon texts
– hide shadows

– hide clock on default homescreen
– open the app drawer when pressing the home button on default homescreen
– change the icon of the home button to an app drawer icon on default homescreen
– go to sleep when pressing back button on every screen or only on default homescreen
– change the icon of the back button to a power off button

– rotate launcher
– all widgets are fully resizeable
– set your own default homescreen
– lock desktop
– continuous scroll (experimental)
– overscroll left or right to open the app drawer
– overscroll in app drawer goes back to homescreen
– close app drawer after launching an app
– disable wallpaper scrolling

備份/恢復: [requires XGELS Premium*] – backup / restore homescreen layout (icon and folders)

* add support for the quick settings tile on Android Lollipop
* app drawer items not hiding
* app drawer background color not applying
* crash when removing app drawer tab
* error when adding folder to app drawer tab
* add Turkish translation (thanks to razor84)

需要Android: 4.1 最多