4AppsApk.com盡量給的最新版本 "清醒啟動臨v5.912的.apk" 為你的Android手機. 這個應用程序屬於Android的軌道炮類. 這個APK文件最後更新於十一月 23, 2017 在 8:55 上午. 選擇從下面直接下載鏈接下載,開始獲取apk文件 "清醒啟動臨v5.912的.apk", 然後將文件移動到你的Android手機的SD卡,並使用一個文件管理器,你喜歡瀏覽和安裝. 你需要的Android 4.0.3 或更高版本安裝此應用.


Lucid Launcher Pro unlocks various features for Lucid Launcher and will also receive updates earlier than the free version. 如果您想請求功能,請在我們的Google+頁面上請求,或通過電子郵件與我們聯繫.

Pro Version Unlocks:
★Custom Search Text (看截圖)
★Ability to hide 應用 收藏夾欄中的標籤
★More Page Transition Animations
★Vertical Page Transitions
★More Home Pages
★Custom Sidebar Theme
★Multiple other Sidebar Settings
★More Gestures
★Ability to include Hidden Apps in Search Results
★More Folder Icon Styles
★Folder Color Options
★Other Cool Features

App permissions:
往來: this permission is used only for the purpose to allow for searching contacts from the searchbar when the search contacts option is enabled
電話: this permission allows for direct dial shortcuts to work within the launcher
照片/媒體/文件: permissions in this category allow for the ability to create/overwrite backups from advanced settings and to save images from within the built in browser
其他: permissions in this category allow for the app to access the internet exclusively for the built in browser, control vibration for long presses, and to expand/collapse the status bar for the use of certain gestures/shortcuts

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