Animated Photo Frame Widget v5.2.3 Apk

4AppsApk.com盡量給的最新版本 "Animated Photo Frame Widget v5.2.3 Apk" 為你的Android手機. 這個應用程序屬於Android的牆紙種類. 這個APK文件最後更新於十月 4, 2016 在 8:48 上午. 選擇從下面直接下載鏈接下載,開始獲取apk文件 "Animated Photo Frame Widget v5.2.3 Apk", 然後將文件移動到你的Android手機的SD卡,並使用一個文件管理器,你喜歡瀏覽和安裝. 你需要的Android 4.0.3 或更高版本安裝此應用.

Animated Photo Frame Widget v5.2.3 Apk

Animated Photo Frame Widget Apk - It is one of the best photo widget available on Android的 為了你. It has a lot of amazing features.

Major Features:-

  • Slideshow interval can be chosen
  • 一鍵式隨機播放所有照片
  • 4 在 1 相框小工具 (Support only one 4 在 1 widget on Home screen)
  • 時間面板的新豐富設計感 (Show/Hide)
  • 10 kinds of amazing design sense fonts
  • 未來的更新功能以及更多 30 各種不同設計的相框
  • Gallery Click function
  • Ads free
  • Select multiple albums playback simultaneously
  • 7+ transition options available
  • No animation, Fade in/out, 滑動, 規模, 旋轉, 向下翻頁, 翻頁
  • Any size can be supported by Animated Photo Frame widget
  • Free adjustment and 地點 of your frame Personalization (2*2 minimum, no restriction on maximum)
  • 無需分配特定的路徑/路線或通過其他工具選擇照片
  • Built in Album selector can list all of your photos in an easy way
  • It would automatically stop updating when you close the screen without consuming the battery
  • It will automatically launch update function when you open the screen
  • 隨時輕鬆停止自動播放功能,並通過小部件手動瀏覽照片
  • 您可以隨機播放任何專輯或直接播放設備中保存的所有照片
  • You can place some widgets on the desktop. 他們每個人都獨立工作
  • You can edit/crop, add or delete photos in albums, image observer will auto rescan the photo list


  • After installing app, you must start with few steps
  • (It doesn’t exist in app list)
  • Home->Widget->Animated Photo Frame Widget+-> Drag it to Home

What’s New in v5.2.3:-

  • 修復了小錯誤

Animated Photo Frame Widget v5.2.3 Apk

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