A Better Camera Unlocked v3.27 Apk

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A Better Camera v3.27 Apk

A Better Camera Apk – 是一个很棒的应用程序 Android的 用户.


  • Vivid colors and rich detail, photos looking like taken with a DSLR
  • 全景达 360 度 and up to 100MP
  • 不需要的对象去除. Remove objects from the photo with a tap
  • Capture sharp and noise free photos in any illumination
  • Make everyone smile, fuse faces from series of photos into one
  • 视频录制 plus time lapse
  • 预拍.Capture what happened before you tap the bottom
  • 捕获 the evolution of the dynamic scene
  • 自拍
  • 放大

What’s New in v3.27 Apk

  • e夜间 修正
  • Time stamp feature added
  • Expo metering e fixed
  • S2/S4 issue corrected
  • 稳定性修复

A Better Camera v3.27 Apk

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2 评论

  • Is the old app available that had the blue and white logo, it was really easy to use and I knew how to use it.working once in awhile, but it seemed to fix itself by just Re-hitting the was more intuitive and easy to use, / idiot proof for me at least. if the old version is available please contact me and let me know. the crap that comes with my t-mobile note 3 phone is a piece of junk comparatively.