All Video Audio Converter PRO Apk

All Video Audio Converter PRO v2.7 Apk amazing application for Android的 users.AUDIATOR mp3 converter for android is a sound app that give new format music to your headphone and speaker based on the famous library ffmpeg.

Pro version features:

  • Background e that can work for hours in background if you plan to amplify all your music libraries while sleeping.
  • a wealthy explorer to import from the mp3 music library of the smartphone or from SD memory with the possibility to search and import globaly.
  • rich Audio Bitrate: bitrate 8 kb / 小号, bitrate 64 kb / 小号, bitrate 128 Kb / 小号, bitrate 256kb / 小号, bitrate 320 MB / 小号, bitrate 480 MB / 小号.
  • rich Audio Sample Rate: sample rate 16 kHz / 小号, sample rate 24 kHz, sample rate 32 kHz, sample rate 22.050 kHz, sample rate 44.100 kHz, sample rate 48 kHz.
  • the user interface is rich in terms of animation and it is based on Material Design and google guides.
  • the ability to read mp3 music with headphone and speaker, share mp3 music, modify mp3 music and tone as the converted result files.
  • queue management and batch processing.
  • supports all ARM devices (CPU).

All Video Audio Converter PRO v2.7 Apk