AntiSquad Tactics Premium v1.6 Apk

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AntiSquad Tactics Premium v1.6 Apk

AntiSquad Tactics Premium Apk – 是一个美好的 游戏 对于 Android的 用户. 它是一个 single player turn based game. In its compaigns you can use all your tactical skills.

AntiSquad Tactics gives you various missions, including infiltration, escape, elimination, assault 还有更多. Sometimes it might even seem like there’s no way out, but trust us, there’s always a solution. A little bit of cunning is all you need to beat any foe, no matter what the restrictions are.


  • Turn based 策略
  • 多于 30+ missions in different environments
  • Dozens of abilities and 武器
  • Various enemies
  • Fascinating story
  • Stunning visuals

System Requirement:-

  • Android的 4.0 或更高
  • 1 GB of RAM or higher
  • CPU 12OO MHz or higher

v1.6 Apk的新功能

  • The new ammunition has been added for all the characters
  • Five new missions have been added into the last pick of missions
  • game ratings ave been added
  • Some minor bugs ave been fixed

AntiSquad Tactics Premium v1.6 Apk

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