防病毒专业版Android安全性 5.5 APK

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防病毒专业版Android安全性 5.5 APK

防病毒专业版Android安全性 APK

AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO for Android的is AVG’s premium, full featured app that helps protect your phone & tablet from viruses, 恶意软件, 间谍软件 & 在实时在线开采.
Download NOW with just an easy 1-time payment!

新! Call and Text Message Blocker
Protect yourself against spammers, 黑客和骗子.
呼叫 & 文本 (短信) Message Blocker not only warns you of suspicious text messages, but also enables you to filter and block unwanted calls and messages.

Download AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO today and:
■ Scan apps, 设置, 档, and media in real time
■ Enable finding/locating your lost or stolen phone via Google Maps
■ Lock and wipe your device to protect your privacy
■ Kill tasks that slow your device
■ Browse the Web safely and securely
■ Monitor battery, storage and data package usage on your device
此外, 安装保费应用程序时, 你也可以得到:
■ App Locker – set up a password to control access to certain apps and keep them secure at all times.
■ App Backup – backup apps from your device to your SD card so you can restore them whenever necessary.
AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO also:
■ Defends against malicious apps, 病毒, 恶意软件和间谍软件
■ Identifies unsecure device settings and advises on how to fix them
■ Helps ensure contacts, bookmarks and text messages are safe
■ Checks media files for malicious software and security threats
■ Guards you from phishing attacks
■ Can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or on demand scans

■ Scan downloaded apps and files and remove malicious content
Anti-theft and Phone Location:
■ Locate a lost or stolen device and get help finding it via Google Maps
■ Lock your device remotely via our Anti-Theft service or by sending it a text message to guard your private data
■ Set a lock screen message to help whoever finds your device contact you
■ Make your device ring even if it is on silent e
Safe Web Surfing:
■ Search, shop and use social networks with peace of mind knowing your identity and personal data are protected from phishing and malware
■ Scan website addresses. When a suspicious URL address is detected, 你将被重定向到一个“安全页面”
Monitor Battery, Storage and Package to optimize your device’s performance.
■ Get notified when your battery is below the level you indicated and turn-off functions not in use in order to save power
■ Optimize internal and SD card storage to save storage space
■ Move apps or games between the SD Card and internal storage
■ Traffic monitor – keep track of your 3G /4G data plan usage by getting notifications when you are near to reaching your monthly data plan limit
■ Kill tasks that slow down or freeze up your device
Local wipe:
■ Ability to completely wipe contacts, 短信, 相片, 浏览器历史记录, 日历, 格式化SD卡, or restore mobile device to factory settings
■ Manually select specific data & information you want deleted from your device such as synced email accounts, 浏览器历史记录 & bookmarks using the Local Wipe advanced feature
App Locker:
■ Lock apps to protect your privacy and safety or lock your device settings to secure its configuration
■ Backup apps from your device to your SD card so you can restore them whenever necessary.

Mobile Antivirus Security PRO supported languages:
英语, 德语, 西班牙语, 法国, 日本, 朝鲜的, 中文 (简化 & traditional), 葡萄牙语, 俄语, 阿拉伯, 意大利, 抛光, 捷克, Dutch and Hebrew.

* Malware Detection Engine enhancements
* System apps can now be disabled
* App design enhancements
* Bug修复
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应用程序名称 : 防病毒专业版Android安全性
包裹名字 : org.antivirus
启.md5 : d9e1b18b826421d3e5e634c0425300c0
APK大小 : 15.73 兆字节
在更新Play商店 : 七月 20, 2016
版本名称 & 码: v5.5 (223467)

要求: 4.4+


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