应用程序备份 & 恢复V5.0.2的.apk

4AppsApk.com尽量给的最新版本 "应用程序备份 & 恢复V5.0.2的.apk" 为你的Android手机. 这个应用程序属于Android应用类别. 这个APK文件最后更新于五月 23, 2017 在 6:17 下午. 选择从下面直接下载链接下载,开始获取apk文件 "应用程序备份 & 恢复V5.0.2的.apk", 然后将文件移动到你的Android手机的SD卡,并使用一个文件管理器,你喜欢浏览和安装. 你需要的Android 4.0.3 或更高版本安装此应用.

应用程序备份 & 恢复V5.0.2的.apk

应用程序备份 & 恢复V5.0.2的.apk Backup apps to SD card Batch backup

  • 备用 market link for protected apps
  • 恢复 apps from SD card
  • Batch 恢复
  • uninstalling
  • Sort apps by name, install date, 尺寸
  • Auto backup on install
  • 显示 存储 用法
  • Multi version 备用
  • Search app from Google market
  • Send apk file by email
  • Share market link
  • Support App2SD

应用程序备份 & Restore is to 备用 & 恢复应用程序, 传递, share files 快速 & 容易 安卓.
通过备份保存的手机空间, restore that are not frequently used. 传递, share files with 0-charge between devices. Currently App Backup & Restore supports app/apk/photo/music/video transfer & 分享.

★★ 编辑推荐No.1 在 “10 best Android backup apps…” – Android Authority

If you cannot find former backup apps, please DO NOT change the Backup Path until the next version 5.0.1

卸载我们的应用程序之前,请把SD卡了, or all backup in it will be deleted due to system constriction.

– 应用程序备份 & 恢复无法备份, 恢复, 传递, 分享 , 它唯一的备份, 恢复, 传递, 分享 Apk/File. can only be backup / 通过第三方登录或应用帐户恢复. 应用程序备份 & Restore is not able to backup Game Record due to system restriction.

Save space by uninstall backup apps. Multi-version apps can be coexisting by backup, 恢复, 传递, 分享. Auto backup is also supported.

恢复从SD卡的应用程序. 还原和重新安装备份软件的任何时间.

★转移, 分享
Transfer without Wifi routers. “传递” enables easy & fast transfer app/file.
– 备用, 传递, share with 0 charge by simple click!
– 传递, 股权转让过程中不收取你的手机.
– 传递, share your favorites in seconds!
– 传递, share supports App, APK, 照片, 音乐, 视频.

– 备用, 恢复应用程序到SD卡
– 传递, Share app/file without routers
Batch backup, 恢复, 传递, 分享
– 备用, 恢复, 传递, share by one click
– 备用, restore and quick uninstall
Sort restore, 备用, 传递, share apps by name, 日期, 尺寸
Auto backup, 恢复
Show backup, 恢复应用程序存储
Multi versions backup, 恢复, 传递, 分享
Share backup to cloud
Share backup market link
Clean backup, restore cache
Auto backup
Override old version while restore
Alternative backup path, 改变备份, 恢复文件夹
Show last backup, 恢复大小&时间
– 传递, share app/apk/photo/music/video
– 传递, 分享到云

– 1) 备用 – select appsclick Backup. 要么 2) 应用 – select appsclick Backup

Backup apps are in internal storage or sd card, 根据您的选择

How to auto backup?
– 按&hold app/SettingsAuto Backup

– 1) “Archives” – select apps – “Restore”– “Yes” or 2) “Restore” – select archives – “Restore”

System Settings – 应用, 启用未知来源, 恢复应用程序.

它备份, 恢复, 传递, share data?
– 没有, 目前它只是备份, 恢复, 传递, share apk/files.

– 设置 – Backup Pathedit full backup path.

如何使用传输, 分享?
– 传递, share app/apk/photo/music/video with others. 传递, 两个设备之间共享.
转移, share app/file to others, 1) “发送” in main menuSelect apps/media – “发送” – Select receiver – 开始发送. 要么 2)Select app/media in main menu – “发送” – Select receiver – 开始发送.
转移, share app/file from others, “Receive” – Waiting for the sender – 开始接收.

Do I need phone carrier mobile data plan or public Wi-Fi/cable to transfer, 分享?
– 没有. 应用程序备份 & Restore s a private network using Wi-Fi hotspot which enables transfer, share free of charge, 数据, nor cable.

谁,我可以转移, 分享各种应用程序以? 一定要他/她有应用程序备份 & 恢复?
– 传递, 分享给你身边的人谁拥有应用程序备份 & 恢复. 之间转移 2 设备. Tap up-left corner button to share, transfer App Backup & Restore with 0 charge.

Any question, please share with us at menu->feedback in App Backup & 恢复, or [email protected]. 谢谢你的支持!

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-All interface re-designed, more fun
-New transfer for media files
-New Invite Your Friends feature
-Significantly improved existing functions, much faster and more reliable
我们感谢所有您的反馈, 如果您有任何问题或建议,请发送反馈给我们 ([email protected]).

应用程序备份 & 恢复V5.0.2的.apk