应用程序音量控制临 2.11 APK(Android版)

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应用程序音量控制临 2.11 APK

App Volume Control is a smart volume manager, it can easily manage the volume of your applications.
Once set, the application takes care of changing the volume of your applications as soon as they appear.

No more volume settings at each change of application, App Volume Control does it for you !

You can switch between applications / games to another and the volume will be ajusted automatically.

Tired of having to adjust the volume at each change of application?
You would like to automate these settings ?
App Volume Control is make for you !

– Creating a rule for each installed application.
– Adjust volumes Music, 铃声, 报警 ,Notification and System.
– Adjusting the volume when starting applications .
– Adjusting the volume when closing applications
– Adjusting different volumes when Headset/Bluetooth A2DP is connected.
– Ability to set system apps volumes.
– Ability to restore the old volume when the application is closed.
– Ability to notify when a volume is ajusted.
– Ability to delay the volumes settings.
– Prioritize the playback music.

Application without advertising and without limitations.

支持的语言: 英语, 法国, 繁体中文, 简体中文, 西班牙语, 葡萄牙语 ,捷克.

Thanks to translators:
Traditional Chinese – iamernie8199
Simplified Chinese – Li Baoshu
Spanish – Isaac Silva, Walter Rodriguez
Portuguese – Gabriel Carvalho
Czech – Martin Litvík
Greek – Rethymno Crete


FIX: Crash when using Do Not Disturb e
FIX: 改进 Android的 8.1 兼容性
NEW FEATURE: New option to adjust notification’s volume
新: App list with tabs
新: Information popups
NEW FEATURE: Adjusting different volumes when Headset/Bluetooth A2DP is connected.
NEW FEATURE: Prioritize the playback music. Prioritizing playback music prevent the rules to be applied when listening to music. Adjusting the volume for certain applications can function strangely with this setting.

应用程序名称 : 应用程序音量控制临
包裹名字 : com.spycorp.appvolumecontrolpro
启.md5 : 582923af91e62e4c5aa7bd5c7fa1a31c
APK大小 : 1.34 兆字节
在更新Play商店 : 十月 31, 2017
版本名称 & 码:2.11 (211)

要求: 4.0.3 最多